Ricoh MyPrint

Secure Printing

RICOH myPrint

Seamless, secure printing, anywhere from any device.

Make printing easy for everyone

Give your remote, office and guest users the freedom to print wherever and whenever they need. From any device to any printer, and with the highest security standards. RICOH myPrint gives you the ultimate control over printing costs across your entire print infrastructure. 

RICOH myPrint stands out as an excellent choice for corporate organisations, mid-sized companies, universities, and other educational institutions. 

By prioritising the end user, this solution swiftly generates substantial savings for your IT department. The solution's versatile configuration options makes it also easy to integrate into your existing on-premise or cloud infrastructure. Moreover, myPrint has an integrated payment system based on individual user accounts, which enables accurate tracking and cost allocation across departments, promoting responsible printing practices.

Ricoh MyPrint
Ricoh MyPrint
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Seamless integration

On-premise, cloud or hybrid – whatever your current environment is, RICOH myPrint will fit right in. Its secure and flexible server architecture integrates easily with RICOH Streamline NX, ControlSuite, Equitrac and other RICOH print management solutions.

Easy to install

Utilise the RICOH myPrint Client and Packager to create a customised MSI package tailored to your organization's needs. Integrate this MSI package seamlessly with your chosen deployment tools. The silent installation process ensures a smooth deployment without any user interaction.

Extra security

RICOH myPrint supports a versatile authentication platform, offering users secure and flexible authentication, including modern techniques. Users can employ advanced and multi-factor authentication for heightened security of your personal documents and printing processes. This aligns with contemporary standards, ensuring a secure and adaptable authentication experience in the myPrint platform

Mobile print

RICOH myPrint offers multiple ways to enhance the mobile print experience for users, either by submitting jobs on the myPrint mobile app, or emailing or uploading their print jobs. The convenience of printing from any device, securely and easily helps to enhance the workplace experience for all employees. Guest printing services are also available to provide a seamless, accountable and secure printing experience for visitors without the need for IT.

Payment options

By providing flexible payment options, including pay-per-print, and supporting direct debit or credit card transactions, RICOH myPrint empowers your organisation to efficiently manage printing costs and charges across various departments and locations. Users can effortlessly transfer funds directly to their personal myPrint accounts using online or offline payment sources.