Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
disaster recovery for businesses

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Organisations around the world are accelerating their digital transformation, enabling the introduction of new business models, improved customer service and multi-channel e-commerce. But the shift to more remote work and decentralised collaboration has also brought new challenges, which is why ensuring continuous operations and protecting data is a top priority.  
Get up and running as soon as possible 
When disaster strikes, you need security, risk management and recovery plans so you can get back up and running as soon as possible. Because without access to data and software, it is hard to stay in business. 
Comprehensive prevention, plans and support 
Our experts set up, deploy and manage your disaster recovery programme, and align it to your unique and evolving goals. Proactively monitoring, patching and updating 24/7, we ensure a comprehensive business continuity plan in the event of a disaster. We can also provide 24/7 support via our integrated Service Operations Centre, guaranteeing you coverage whenever a problem arises. 

Solutions & Services

IT Continuity Services


Maintain access and availability at all times

Backup, restore and disaster recovery plans are often overlooked or never tested until a critical event occurs. But with data volumes increasing and business continuity being more in demand than ever, organisations need to take a more conscious approach to prevent problems that could impact their business, users and customers. 
Get a personlised solution 
Through a business impact analysis we help you identify your key business processes, the underlying IT systems and the required service level agreements to deliver a personalised solution. 
We can help you: 
  • Ensure business continuity 
  • Minimise interruption of critical processes 
  • Maintain operations from third-party data centres 
  • Configure backup and retention times  
  • Manage replication intervals and failover plans  
  • Reduce risks and increase reliability 
  • Establish backup, disaster recovery and cloud repository 
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