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Cloud & Infrastructure solutions

Businesses around the world are accelerating their digital transformation and embracing new strategies at pace. The catalyst for this change is cloud. As an enabler for increased agility, productivity and security, businesses can now aim higher and reach further with a well-managed cloud infrastructure.  
The right solutions, roadmap and team 
Capturing the full value of cloud requires more than just the technology. You need the right roadmap and team to execute it. With the right cloud solutions and expertise to manage them, you can modernise and consolidate your IT infrastructure. You can also transform business operations to become more agile, cost-effective and secure while pursuing next-generation innovation. 

2/3 of businesses say they haven’t achieved the results expected of their cloud initiatives.

With Ricoh’s Cloud & Infrastructure Services, you get a reliable and clearly-defined solution to enable business agility and innovation. 
Cloud strengthens resilience in key business areas, enhances online collaboration and increases customer engagement in a virtual world. Many businesses have experienced first-hand the vital role that cloud plays in a company’s digitisation agenda. Those with a ‘cloud-first’ approach can innovate faster, create new revenue streams and respond more specifically to customer needs.  
Working with you to define the right approach 
Whether you’re taking a cloud-first approach, or relying on the processing power available on-site, we work closely with your team to understand your business and IT strategy, your existing infrastructure and your operational goals. 

Advance your entire IT infrastructure 
We can implement, manage and advance your entire IT infrastructure, enabling a global experience with local delivery. At the same time, you can access extensive technical expertise without having to hire additional internal resources, providing total cover to meet your needs today and in the future. 

Areas where we excel

Cloud Infrastructure Services


Simplify. Automate. Optimise.

We have extensive expertise in private, public and hybrid cloud environments. With our mixture of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud service solutions, we can help you increase business agility, scalability and flexibility, boost productivity, and keep your data protected. All the cloud computing and cloud hosting solutions you need to succeed in digital transformation and stay competitive.
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IT Infrastructure Solutions & Services


Customised care for your critical IT infrastructure

We offer comprehensive experience with everything from hardware and software to managed services and consultancy, while helping to design and implement a flexible, scalable and robust IT infrastructure. Our IT Infrastructure Solutions & Services provide efficient, secure, reliable management of your business-critical IT systems – helping you unleash your full potential.
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Networking Solutions & Services


Connectivity that meets your needs today and tomorrow

It is more important than ever to have a scalable, resilient and secure network in place as the backbone of your IT infrastructure. We design, deploy, monitor and optimise your connectivity so you can experience seamless connectivity across your network. That way, you can maintain business continuity and ensure that your employees and customers always get the best experience.
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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery


Let nothing get in the way of maintaining essential processes

The shift to remote work and decentralised collaboration means continuous operations and secure data is imperative. A readily available and professionally-operated infrastructure helps to reduce the investment and maintenance costs associated with unused resources, while minimising the interruption of critical processes. We help you maximise uptime and availability so you can get your business back up and running if disaster strikes.
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