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Where and how we work is changing; hybrid and on-the-go set-ups are shaping our future. Together with new and evolving technology, these practices are pushing for an even stronger focus on how we communicate and collaborate. 
The expertise and vision you need 
We take a holistic approach to designing, integrating and supporting your workplace to nurture employee engagement and help you reach new levels of performance. With our large solution portfolio and ecosystem of alliances across print, communications and workspace management, we have the expertise and reach to lift your digital workspace to new heights. We have the vision to help you realise and scale your future workspace, whether you’re a small, medium or large business.

55% of employees are high performers when provided flexibility over where, when and with whom they work.

Ricoh’s Digital Workspace know-how ensures that collaboration is effortless, and your team has everything they need to excel. 
Hybrid working is all about providing your workforce with a seamless digital experience wherever they are. 
The best of both worlds
Building the bridge to a hybrid workforce means retaining the best of the physical workplace and marrying it with the best of remote and online work. But how do you find the right balance between what employees want (flexibility, agility, mobility) and what IT must deliver (security, compliance, standardised processes)?
Let’s co-create your digital workspace 
We enable your teams to do their best work and create experiences that empower everyone. We start by developing a thorough understanding of your workforce, your current technology stack and what you need to achieve with your future workspaces. Together with your teams, we design, configure, roll out and service your digital workspaces wherever they are in the world – offering scalability as you grow. 

Areas where we excel

Managed Print Services


Defining a new era of print

Empower your people to create, store, print and leverage information more effectively by optimising processes and technology across your information ecosystem. Reduce the burden on internal resources and realise operational savings.  
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Communication & Collaboration Services


Empower your team to work better

Connect and collaborate effortlessly across teams, workspaces and geographies with best-in-class voice, video and interactive display technologies. Create better work experiences while increasing employee and customer engagement.
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Managed Workplace Services


Boost productivity with a seamless user experience

Unleash the full potential of your workforce anywhere, anytime. Our expert support services maintain and improve your operational functions – ensuring your team has everything they need to deliver excellence at any scale.
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Purchase the technology and services you need in a way that suits you. 

Our flexible financing options allow you to spread the cost of your purchase and take control with an exclusive, predictable invoice, delivered monthly or quarterly.

Let's create spaces for employee engagement

We help you create seamless people-centric spaces for greater creativity and collaboration – both onsite and remotely

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