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Document & Workflow Management

RICOH Streamline NX

Scalable solution offering device management, printing, scanning and more.

Secure, easier and advanced print & device management

Print device management can be time-consuming and complicated, especially when dealing with hybrid working, software updates, security and cross-charging across your organisation.

That's where RICOH Streamline NX steps in. With our comprehensive solution, you gain control and transparency over your print fleet and service. From device administration to detailed reporting and tracking, you'll have access to vital insights into print usage and costs, enabling smarter decision-making, benefiting both IT and finance teams. Optimise your print fleet, cut costs & empower remote workers to print from any device and location, combining security and efficiency.

Streamline NX is available for On-Premise, Private Cloud and VPN-Less environments, empowering you to optimise print infrastructures within the modern workplace.

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Streamline NX
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Device Management

IT can remotely manage comprehensive technical changes, including batch configuration, firmware, software upgrades and driver distribution. They can easily configure the print fleet, enabling remote workers and reinforcing security settings, ensuring your print infrastructure is always updated and secure.

Secure printing

Enable printing for mobile users and ensure the right people pick up the correct documents with locked print for your centralised MFPs and printers. Easily access print queues with card authentication which holds your print jobs on the server until you arrive helping to reduce waste and the risk of data breaches.

Administration & reporting

Use one unified management console to administer all facets of Streamline NX. Access 90+ standard reports and 35+ dashboard reports. Track all user activity by login, and extend tracking to securely print, scan and fax by adding optional modules. Set user quotas for print and scan empower your accounting team to better allocate print costs with chargeback capabilities.

Scan and capture

Using RICOH Streamline NX v3 improves your productivity by automating workflows, including manual scan and capture tasks, scan-to-email, and send-to-folder or other destinations in the cloud. Using the dashboards, you can analyse user behaviour and identify opportunities for improvements in your processes and services.

Mobile support

Push status alerts to administrators’ mobile devices and enable them to view usage reports on the go. Mobile capabilities grow as you add optional modules. Capture data using your mobile device’s camera and route to a selected folder with the Streamline NX Input Connector. Extend printing capabilities to mobile workers and guests. Supports third-party printers paired via the mobile app.



Improve security while making it easier for users to access Streamline NX. Users can access Streamline NX at the MFP with a network login, PIN or by using card or mobile authentication, with common identity management services. This ensures a secure entry process, leveraging common identity management services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answering common questions about RICOH Streamline NX

Q1. Can you set pricing and usage limits for cross-charging?
Yes, you can set pricing and account usage limits by device, group, document, and page characteristics.
Q2. Can I restrict who sees a print document?
Yes, you can minimise unauthorised usage and access to sensitive information by releasing documents for printing only to authorised users.
Q3. Can guest visitors be given permission to print?
Yes, secure guest printing can be enabled for authorised users.
Q4. Can I validate users' sign-on?
Yes, you can validate users with a single sign-on via a range of different authenticating options, such as mobile, PIN, password, or cards).
Q5. Can you run customised reports to help with resource planning?
Yes, you can create both standard and customised reports to monitor the current printing situation and analyse data to improve resource planning.
Q6. Does RICOH Streamline NX v3 enable remote workers to print back at the office?
Yes, remote employees can print whilst working from anywhere.