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Tungsten Printix

Simplify and improve the efficiency of your print operations with a modern and secure cloud print management solution.

Cloud print management solution

The Tungsten Printix multi-tenant, cloud printing and capture service is designed to optimise document management for hybrid workstyles. It is equally at home in smaller companies due to its light & easy deployment, administration and low-cost architecture. Printix delivers a complete cloud-managed print/scan infrastructure with easy migration to print-as-a-service, enabling you to dramatically reduce the burden and associated cost of traditional print administration. With integrated capture features from MFP and smart devices, Printix is ideal for flexible workers, providing Scan-to-Email, Microsoft OneDrive, and Microsoft SharePoint with OCR.

Kofax Printix

With Tungsten Printix, you can:

  1. Manage printers and users; automatically discover, define, and configure print queues and drivers across unlimited printers and scanners
  2. Enable print anytime, anywhere, from any device, to any printer 
  3. Capture documents into Word files from MFP or intelligent devices ready for email, Microsoft OneDrive, & SharePoint 
  4. Benefit from automatic upgrades, scaling, and healing 
  5. Receive usage reporting and analytics 
  6. Autoroute print jobs direct or via cloud print 
  7. Integrate Printix with Tungsten ControlSuite, to bring additional agility to your print management service


True cloud


Printix is a full cloud multi-manufacturer enterprise print & capture service delivering auto-scaling, healing and upgrade functionality, dramatically reducing the burden on IT.  With Native Microsoft UP integration and a guaranteed 99.9% or better uptime, you can rely on Printix to simplify your architecture and enable the business to reap the benefits of easy scaling, low administration and cost savings that come with moving your print architecture to the Cloud.

Single secure sign-on


Printix provides users with a simple and secure Single Sign-On when using Microsoft Azure AD, Google Workspace, OKTA or OneLogin providing ease of use and complete piece of mind for enterprise customers.

Hybrid office

A true cloud print and capture service addresses the hybrid work environment and mobility. Improve productivity with automatic printer discovery, easily add home office printers, and print from home-to-office or office-to-office. With all device types supported, employees can print on the move to any location.

Built-in intelligence

Printix supports printer discovery, monitoring, queue installation and upgrades. To keep life simple, you can use native print drivers (no propriety) and remote check, install and validate Printix installations. Tungsten Printix can also be integrated with Tungsten ControlSuite, to bring even more agility to the print management service.

Flexibility and Scalability


Install Printix software on your employees’ computers (Windows and Mac), Printix App for smart devices (Android and iOS) and capture features from MFP and smart devices for Scan-to-Email / MS OneDrive/ MS SharePoint with OCR (PDF/MS Word). Designed for easy deployment and no interruption for employees, Printix is scalable and can handle unlimited printers. Minutes after a printer has been unboxed and connected, it can be added to Printix via phone, tablet or computer and with Printix Administrator, you can manage the entire process from a web browser.



With Printix, you can automate functions, including print driver and queue management, and eliminate the need for a print server. With print processing carried out locally on the computer, no additional network traffic is required to transfer print data to the print server.

Flexibility and scalability


Easily add employees and enable them to print from any device, on any printer, from anywhere, and scan documents into Word files from MFP or directly into MS Outlook, OneDrive or SharePoint from smart devices.

Reduces complexity and cost

Quickly achieve return on investment by reducing and simplifying existing print operations and infrastructure, as well as saving significant IT resources. A central print driver, queue management and automatic deployment based on location and rules make the process simple and cost-efficient.

Easy to use and administer

Single sign-on via Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace keeps things simple for employees, whilst comprehensive usage reporting and analytics make management easy for administrators. Operational oversight is also easy with automatic discover, define, and configure for print queues and drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answering common questions about Tungsten Printix.

Q1. What licenses are required for Printix services?

Printix has a straightforward licensing scheme with a 'per device' approach. 

Q2. How does the device licensing work for Printix?

Printix proposes a per-device term licensing, where you subscribe to a one to five years term service for a desired number of MFP - and would renew the contract at the end of it.  

Q3. Can I include additional devices during the term?

Yes, you can include additional devices during the term.