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RICOH @Remote

Centralise and simplify your printer fleet management.

When you have all the facts, you can make intelligent decisions

Do you want to know which of your networked printers and MFPs are being overused or underused? 

RICOH @Remote networked appliance helps you spot opportunities to optimise your printer fleet and cut supply costs and maintain stable device operations. Track device usage in real-time and improve workflows and maintenance on your devices.

@Remote - monitoring


Accurate Meter Readings

Accurate meter counts are sent on time with automated meter readings, reducing the need for manual note-taking and potential billing errors.

Informative web portal

@Remote’s web portal provides information on how your devices are used, helping you to right-size your fleet and implement more environmentally friendly printing practices.
Already an @Remote user? Visit the portal

Reliable notifications

Notifies customers when it's time to reorder supplies. Offers automated toner replacement and firmware upgrades to maximise reliability.

Green reporting

@Remote Green Reports track performance from an environmental perspective, helping businesses achieve sustainability benefits through more efficient fleet management.

Mantainance alerts

Sends automated maintenance alerts to your service provider to speed up repairs and keep your devices running optimally.

Tailored solutions

@Remote provides solutions tailored to your business size: from the Embedded Remote Communication Gate for smaller businesses to the Server-based Remote Communication Gate for larger enterprises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answering common questions about RICOH @Remote

Q1. How can I order @Remote and create an account for the web portal?

@Remote is embedded into your Ricoh device. You don’t need to order it — your Ricoh service provider will guide you to enable it.

Q2. Does @Remote also work for non-Ricoh printers?

@Remote is designed for Ricoh All-in-one and Single Function printers. It can be used to communicate with non-Ricoh devices within the same network but will provide a reduced level of information.

Q3. What is the difference between @Remote Embedded and @Remote Connector NX?

@Remote Connector NX is a connector that allows you to combine @Remote and Device Manager NX for centralised management of printing devices. The solution can be expanded by integrating NX Device Manager Pro or NX Device Manager Enterprise, which manages up to 5000 devices simultaneously.