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IT Director - Security & Business Continuity

Developing a resilient IT infrastructure

With security a paramount consideration in ‘our new normal’, any measures undertaken by IT Directors must be secure and integrated in a way that will mitigate business risk and adhere to new regulations. The onus is on IT directors to find the right balance between on-premises and cloud services – picking the right mix of technologies and service providers to meet their requirements.

Cloud Infrastructure & Security

Cloud Infrastructure & Security

Whether you need help to migrate your business to The Cloud or implement a scalable Cloud solution, Ricoh professional services can help you define the right mix of Hybrid Cloud and options to optimise your IT resources and workloads.

We offer a range of services from Public, Hybrid or Private Cloud Infrastructure, Back-up, Disaster Recover and File Sync and Share “as a service” for the agility of modern IT organisations.

Security, Stability & 24/7 Availability: Our secure cloud solutions, hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform use industry-leading toolsets, processes and skilled analysts to proactively ensure system availability, security and integrity. The Ricoh support team operates remotely, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and manages all major vendors of server, storage, network and cloud-based infrastructure. Remote Infrastructure services can assist in reducing overall risks and focus IT resources on productivity and efficiency and innovation.

  • Cloud provision

    Cloud Provision

    Increase business agility, boost productivity, and protect your data with scalable cloud solutions.

  • Cloud provision Case Study

    Cloud provision Case Study

    In partnership with Ricoh, West Ham not just transformed its IT infrastructure, it has been a catalyst for business process change and smarter working.

  • Agile move to cloud

    Agile Move to Cloud

    Migrating IT services to achieve agile and modern IT infrastructure.

  • Agile Move to Cloud Case Study

    Agile Move to Cloud Case Study

    Ricoh’s innovative approach to business and IT consultancy has seen Agrovista transform its business processes and working practice.

Network managed services

Network managed services

Utilise best-in-class secure technology and save time and money on resources by outsourcing your network.

We offer remote services to manage and monitor your network infrastructure from basic network access control to network administration, firewalls, and virtual private network management. To safeguard business continuity and availability we execute security and penetration tests to ensure network performance and efficiency.

Continuous Security Monitoring

Ensure your data and information is protected with continuous, real-time security monitoring services for business networks. Our expertise includes helping organisations meet data and information security standards including GDPR.

This also includes monitoring and managing remote infrastructure from our Central Service Operations Centre, ensuring high quality across the world safeguarding quality and performance.

Continuous Security Monitoring

Online Archiving

Online Archiving

Ensure your data is archived securely to meet security and data protection standards. Archive important documents in The Cloud to protect business information and make it accessible for employees anytime, anywhere. 

Ricoh’s managed scanning and archiving service provides a full end-to-end electronic document and records management solution that adheres to required security standards ensuring your documents are handled and stored in the safest possible environment.

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    IT Infrastructure Services

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  • Future of Work

    The Future of Work

    Making the right investments in the future of your work is a continual puzzle for businesses to consider.

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