Intelligent Barcode Solution

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RICOH Intelligent Barcode Solution

Turn your Ricoh devices into 1D/2D barcode print & integration hubs.

Barcoding & beyond

Transform your workflow efficiency with RICOH Intelligent Barcode Solution (IBS) — a compact and efficient tool that can be installed on your Ricoh device and supports a range of 1D and 2D international barcodes, postal barcodes, and bank OCR fonts.  

The solution also brings greater intelligence to your print devices. By carrying out predefined actions on your print job before it's released, from better ERP systems integration (SAP, BAAN, Oracle) to document enhancement (letterhead, T&C, multi-tray print), RICOH IBS will save you time and money

RICOH IBS is a collaborative development with stethos Systemhaus GmbH, integrating the cutting-edge barcoding technology of their advanced ELP software directly into Ricoh devices. 

Intelligent Barcode Solution


Intuitive operation

Stay in control while ensuring top-quality print results every time with user data plausibility checks, automatic checksum calculations, and independent scaling of barcodes in X/Y direction.

Device-level checksums

There’s no need for another network item or additional software that you must manage and update; RICOH IBS automatically calculates barcode checksums.

Use of Quicksets

You can leverage Quicksets (macro commands) to perform actions on a print job at the device level before its release. Make intelligent modifications to optimise print workflow.
Learn more about IBS Quicksets and their usage


Print barcodes across different applications and operating systems. RICOH IBS autonomously evaluates barcodes from the data flow generated by ERP applications like SAP, BAAN, or Oracle, without modifying SAPscript / SmartForms documents.

Reduced workload

Built-in start and stop character functions eliminate the need for modifications. RICOH IBS eases device integration and reduces the programmer's workload.

Secure barcode printing

External devices or centralised servers are prone to cyberattacks or data-transfer risks, but RICOH IBS is installed onto the Ricoh print device and fully protected by the security features in it.

Simple installation

Elevate your 1D & 2D barcode printing directly on your device. A straightforward software installation can sidestep costly legacy system updates, effortlessly adapting print instructions to embrace the latest finishing options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answering common questions about RICOH Intelligent Barcode Solution.

Q1. How do I install RICOH IBS?

With the included software Config Tool, you can install and manage all licensed all-in-one and laser printers remotely, from one central workstation.

Q2. Which barcodes does RICOH IBS support?

It is compatible with 70+ types of barcodes, including industry standard 2D barcode PDF417, UPS Maxicode, Data Matrix, Aztec Code, QR code, and Swiss QR code.

Q3. Do I need additional software for barcode printing and checksum calculations?

No, RICOH IBS eliminates the need for separate software by automatically calculating barcode checksums and supporting over 70 types of barcodes, including UPS Maxicode and Data Matrix.

Q4. What are Quicksets and how do they improve my print jobs?

Quicksets are predefined or custom macros integrated into your Ricoh devices. They automatically adapt print settings before a job is released. For example, emails from Outlook can automatically be printed in greyscale and double-sided, saving costs and encouraging sustainable print practices.

Q5. How does RICOH IBS integrate with my existing ERP systems?

RICOH IBS simplifies the integration of Ricoh devices with ERP systems like SAP, BAAN, and Oracle by removing the need for modifications in the host systems.