Proactive defense against ransomware

RICOH RansomCare powered by BullWall, a centralised solution capable of resolving zero-day ransomware vulnerabilities within a couple of seconds, helps to prevent encryption and data theft.

The solution monitors the IT environment in real time and, if it identifies any anomalies, blocks and isolates the compromised devices from which an attack launched within a matter of seconds.
The IT department is instantly alerted, and, in the event of any particular complex problems, an automated message is also sent to Ricoh so that it can intervene quickly and carry out the appropriate checks to restore the blocked system.

CS quote “The professionals at Ricoh have provided us with know-how and expertise that would have been inconceivable for us to acquire internally. This means we can sleep soundly as far as security is concerned.” 

Fabrizio Zinni, Head of IT, Carbotermo

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