Smart Lockers


100% self-service of your IT equipment and supplies

More than just a locker

Managing business inventory can be a constant headache. The daily usage of inventory by employees, such as replacement IT equipment, requires other members of staff to be constantly available, distracting them from more important work.
Ricoh Smart Lockers revolutionises the way you manage your IT assets, making it easier, more cost-effective, and secure to distribute, track and protect them across your organisation.

Get the right solution for your office

  • Integrated digital technology with existing or new infrastructure
  • Customise to your specific office needs 
  • Re-skin and design to match your business 
  • Complete service package included 

Business as usual in unusual times

Read how Coventry City Council transformed the Ricoh solution into a critical tool for protecting staff and ensuring business continuity. 

  • Protect staff with touchless self-service to IT equipment and office supplies
  • Cut the need and risk for onsite ICT team from 20 to 2
  • Reduce time spent on basic, mundane ICT support by 95%
  • Redirect costly, skilled ICT resources to business critical operations
  • Ensure adherence to Government lock-down measures

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