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RICOH Spaces

Get truly connected with RICOH Spaces

The average workplace is only utilised to 35-50% of its potential. If you’re finding the needs of your business and employees are changing faster than your workplace can keep up with, you’re not alone.

How businesses want to use and manage their space has dramatically changed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Employers are now responsible for demonstrating they are keeping their employees safe and doing everything they can to help with the long-term conditions they will face over the coming months, and possibly, years.

RICOH Spaces enables you to implement a safe return to the workplace, with on-going dynamic space management that enables workplaces to be used intelligently. It also enables workplace processes to be automated and optimised, new innovations to be easily adopted and the best possible employee experience to be delivered while still achieving customer value.

RICOH Spaces can be linked to your existing tools to create a single source of data and automation and effortlessly connect and conquer your everyday workplace operations:

Use the mobile app to:

Put the workplace at your fingertips, empowering employees to book rooms, desks, create service requests and much more whilst on the go.

Use the Workplace Insights to:

Understand how your workplace is being used and adjust ineffective ways of working, improve collaboration, and even, reduce costs.

Use the Room Booking Panels to:

Obtain a clear view of which rooms are and aren’t available – at a glance. Use the panels to book available rooms quickly and efficiently.

Use the Meeting Room Management & Control to:

Manage all of your meeting rooms via an app. You can configure all your locations, meeting rooms, desks and more, all in one place.

Key features & benefits

Reap the multiple benefits of using RICOH Spaces

RICOH Spaces enables you to effortlessly adapt to the new normal on so many different levels:

Desk management – manage your desks your way with fully customisable, interactive floor plans. Key features include: assign desks to people/groups, set policies, e.g. how many days in advance a desk can be booked, find desks with zoning and QR check-ins.

Return to work – pre-plan your office capacity and attendance, approve access and trace people’s whereabouts. Key features include: enable or disable desks for booking and obtain employee health status and traceability data.

Wayfinding - bring your workplace to life with interactive digital floor plans and integrate with IoT for real-time insight. Key features include: view space and desk availability and see room people counts. 

Service requests - create and manage service requests and decide which options are available when requested. Key features include: schedule automated actions and assign and restrict services to certain areas.

Room management – book a room, wherever you are. Key features include: sync with Office 365 resources and calendars, create and manage non-O365 spaces, easily view space availability on visual floor plans and set flexible booking policies.

Internet of Things - add the latest IoT sensor technology for detailed, real-time data about your spaces. Key features include: quickly view available space on the visual floor plans, easy sync with Microsoft Teams devices and integrate to O365 for expected space usage projections.

Digital signage - deliver meaningful messaging from your smart spaces and internal communications to your digital screens. Key features include: manage your screen network from anywhere and securely display real-time data dashboards from sources, such as Power BI.

Visitor management - make a great first impression, increase security and employee productivity. Key features include: full admin visitor logs and see how many visitors are on-site and easily view space availability.

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