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Creating a human centric collaborative workplace experience is crucial for productivity in today’s dynamic business landscape. Your teams want the freedom to work from anywhere and in a way that is best for their productivity. The challenge is to design a workplace that retains best of the office and combines it with the best of remote working.  

With RICOH Spaces, a cloud-hosted workplace management platform, our mission is to bridge this gap. The platform helps to connect and empower employees with a seamless workplace experience, allowing them to book a desk, reserve a meeting room or view their upcoming meetings whenever and wherever they choose to work.

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Endless possibilities on a single platform.

Desk Management


Elevate your employees’ workday

Enable your employees to effortlessly locate and book available desks using floor plans and web schedule view. Create work zones or neighbourhoods that help teams to locate colleagues and reserve workspaces near them for seamless collaboration. 

Furthermore, by integrating with other solutions such as smart lockers, parking solutions, and service request solutions, the platform can take workplace experience to the next level.

The platform allows you to easily move and reconfigure workspaces using the data insights provided, so you can respond more quickly to the changing needs of your staff and business.

Room Management


Hassle-free booking anywhere, anytime

Booking a meeting room has never been easier with RICOH Spaces. Users have easy access to a comprehensive web schedule view, interactive floor plans and room panel options, all through an easy to use app. 

By seamlessly integrating with the broader RICOH Spaces features, like service requests, managing your meetings becomes a streamlined process:

  • Book linked rooms with a single booking
  • Manage visitors within the same room booking flow
  • Request services when booking rooms
  • Protect important rooms with an admin room approval workflow
  • Search for rooms based on their features from the schedule or floor plans

To support easy room management, RICOH Spaces Room Panel offers a variety of features, including:

  • Simple room visibility, booking, and customisable backgrounds
  • Check-in alerts and cancellation warnings, as well as auto-cancellation of unused rooms
  • In-use detection with IoT sensors and LED light support
  • An end-meeting early function



Bring your workplace to life with interactive digital floor plans

RICOH Spaces' Wayfinding offers your employees the flexibility to view a live floor plan and book a resource directly from a large format display located in your office. 

With Wayfinding, they can keep track of where their team members are sitting and the platform provides a visual representation of the floor layout for guests and visitors. 

Visitor Management


Streamline your visitor management with digital efficiency

Whether you're managing a small office or a large multi-site facility, our visitor management solution is flexible, scalable and can be customised to meet your unique needs. With our visitor management system, you can:
  • Easily register and track visitors in real-time
  • Send digital invitations and appointment reminders to visitors
  • Streamline check-in and check-out processes, including a contactless sign-in experience  
  • Enhance security with real-time visitor tracking and automatic notifications
  • Provide a personalised and professional welcome to visitors through digital signage

Digital Signage


Create a unique experience for employees and customers

Digital signage can be a game-changer for internal communications in the workplace and enables you to deliver targeted messaging to your employees and customers through digital screens. 

Ricoh's cloud-based and easy-to-use solution empowers you to create and manage content from any location, ensuring that your messages are timely and relevant. 

  • Display important data and statistics to your employees using dashboards and leaderboards
  • Keep your employees up-to-date on company news, industry trends, and the latest weather, sports, and stocks. 
  • Use it for functional purposes such as wayfinding, directory, and desk booking
  • Promote events and share important training information. 
Explore our Digital Signage solutions

Service Requests


Flexible service requests to streamline your business processes

Take advantage of fully customisable service requests that can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your business. With a flexible form builder, you can create your own service request in a matter of minutes - such as cleaning, food, parking, and many more.  

Minimise wasted time by eliminating manual processes in your business:

  • Schedule automated actions, for example a new cleaning request
  • Integrate with third-party ticket management systems like ServiceNow and others
  • Receive notifications of service requests straight to your Microsoft Teams
  • Book visitors in advance and request services beforehand
  • Assign and restrict services to particular spaces

Internet of Things (IoT)


Enhance your workplace with AI-powered IoT sensors

The most up-to-date IoT technology can provide your business with real-time data on your workspaces. This data can be integrated into workplace reporting, offering insights into booked versus actual trends and trends over time. 

With a wide variety of options available, we can customise IoT solutions to fit your unique needs, leveraging our partnership with key vendors in the marketplace. This gives you : 

  • Expert advice and guidance on the right IoT sensor to suit your needs
  • Installation — or you can choose to install the options yourself
  • Seamless integration with RICOH Spaces
  • Consultancy, training, and support

What our customers say

Ricoh were hugely valuable during the deployment, especially their lead developers. The project had unique requirements that made the process demanding, but Ricoh were always available to offer support. They even went the extra mile to take calls whenever required, to ensure we maintained momentum

Charlie Rainer, Head of Corporate Technology at easyJet

Why choose RICOH Spaces?

With Ricoh’s global capabilities, we provide an enterprise-grade platform, with the necessary hardware and services, for a true turnkey solution. RICOH Spaces is a highly dynamic workplace experience platform created to resolve real-world business challenges and do this by providing: 

  • A global platform supported in multiple languages that can be delivered anywhere in the world
  • A friendly and intuitive user experience design
  • A roadmap guided by our customer feedback and is publicly available
  • The latest cloud technology that provides a seamless and scalable platform globally
  • Extensive data capturing that helps enhance the workplace experience and offers a true ROI
  • Partner integrations that allow for a single vendor approach with Ricoh as the main partner

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