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Counterfeit Toners

Genuine Products

Genuine Ricoh supplies make a genuine difference

Ricoh is committed to ensuring you get the very best quality performance and output from our devices. The prevalence of counterfeit supplies, in particular toners, is a growing problem faced by our industry and one which we must work together with our partners and our customers to tackle. Purchasing genuine Ricoh supplies directly from Ricoh or an authorised retailer, gives you the security of knowing that you are buying the correct product for your office equipment. Look for the distinctive Ricoh logo and trademark on all genuine Ricoh supplies. Don’t let unauthorised, incorrect or inferior supplies affect the quality of your presentation with blurry images or poor copy quality. Genuine Ricoh supplies assure you of maximum machine efficiency and consistent product yield. 

Use genuine Ricoh supplies and benefit from:

Guaranteed results and performance standards
Always use genuine Ricoh consumables to protect your investment – don’t risk losing your product warranty

Higher page yields that minimise footprint
By using the Ricoh Resource Smart Return Programme, toner cartridges can be recycled minimising the impact that print consumables have on the environment.

Sharp detail and vivid reproduction: 
With genuine Ricoh supplies you can be confident of first class results time and time again. Ensure the best performance from your printer and remove the risks of output that doesn’t meet your expectations

More productive output for a happier workplace: 
All of our supplies are manufactured to the highest level and they’re designed to work seamlessly with our print solutions. Keep productivity at the highest level only by using Ricoh genuine supplies.

Watch our video to learn more about how to identify a counterfeit Ricoh toner and how to report counterfeit products to us. 

ID and Report

How to identify counterfeit products

You can be sure that you are purchasing a genuine Ricoh product by buying directly or through one of our authorised resellers. If the price seems too low compared to others, it might not be a genuine Ricoh product that you are purchasing – don’t take the risk. 

Look for the distinctive Ricoh logo and trademark on all genuine Ricoh supplies. 

Are your supplies genuine?

All genuine Ricoh supplies have clear, consistent markings and labelling across the packaging and product itself. Significant changes in quality, frequency and colour of the Ricoh logo, trademarks and product information across Ricoh supplies will likely indicate a counterfeit product.

Is it Genuine?

Genuine Ricoh

Does it have the Genuine Ricoh stamp on it?

Is it Identifiable?

Identifiable Ricoh Toner

Does it have a Lot Number on the bottle?

Is it Consistent?

Ricoh Consistent Toner

Are the bottles and packaging consistent in their appearance, label quality and bottle colour?


Ricoh Global Policy

If counterfeit products are used, the product itself may malfunction or output quality and device defects may occur. In order to ensure that our customers use Ricoh products safely and securely, Ricoh works with local subsidiaries in each country/region to identify and report counterfeit goods that infringe on intellectual property (and trademark) rights, while establishing manufacturing bases in the region.

Ricoh will promote measures to decisively decrease counterfeits with the aim of total removal of counterfeit goods from the market, such as raid detection activities in local markets and at the import/export junction at customs. We will also actively promote measures against counterfeiting through communication channels including the internet, and provide information to prevent customers from purchasing counterfeit items by mistake. 

Why genuine is recommended

Highest quality guaranteed

Only with genuine Ricoh products can you be guaranteed of Ricoh quality and the greatest possible longevity and results with Ricoh machines.

Ensure safety

Counterfeit products are not guaranteed and may cause a number of health and safety issues to the consumer or Ricoh machine.

Environment and sustainability

Ricoh is committed to protecting the environment. The Ricoh Resource Smart Return programme is a valuable Return and Recycling programme that minimises the impact of the copier/printer consumables on the environment ( 

Total Cost of Ownership / Lifetime Cost of Ownership

During a number of tests carried out by Buyer’s Laboratory comparing Ricoh toner versus third party alternatives, the genuine Ricoh products outperformed consistently across quality of print, product and longevity. Buying genuine Ricoh products gives you peace of mind that your last print will be as good as your first, making it cheaper in the long run. 

Ricoh anti-counterfeit activities

Protection: Ricoh’s name and logo are officially registered as trademarks in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Those trademarks are registered at customs offices in countries around EMEA to allow formal surveillance and seizure of suspected counterfeited products when they enter a country.

Co-operation: Ricoh co-operates with public authorities and organisations, such as police and customs, to help them identify, seize and remove counterfeit Ricoh products from the market.

Enforcement: Ricoh has been affected by the illegal counterfeiting of our products, and we have taken a strong stance against this criminal activity, such as conducting raids in co-operation with public authorities and organisations

Promote effective laws: Ricoh is an active member of Imaging Consumables Coalition of Europe, Middle East and Africa (ICCE). ICCE is working together with REACT, ACG and WCO (World Customs Organisation) to train customs across EMEA to seize the counterfeit products.

Education: Together with ICCE, Ricoh provides training and educational seminars to customs and governmental authorities to assist them to identify counterfeit Ricoh products. 

How to report suspected counterfeit products

If you suspect that you have purchased a counterfeit product, please report to us by filling the form below: 
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