Statement: Microsoft basic authentication deprecation in Exchange Online

Statement: Microsoft basic authentication deprecation in Exchange Online

We are aware of Microsoft's decision to turn off basic authentication for specific protocols in Exchange Online (the hosted version of its Exchange Server messaging platform) from October 1st. Microsoft will not be disabling or changing settings for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) authentication. SMTP authentication is used as part of the ‘scan to email’ functionality on Ricoh devices and Microsoft will continue to support this form of basic authentication for the foreseeable future. Microsoft will deprecate ‘basic authentication’ (authentication based only on username / password) for a number of protocols, of which POP3S and IMAPS can be used for newer Ricoh models. These protocols are only used to receive email. Ricoh will soon roll out firmware updates for models that currently support POP3S and IMAPS to add support for OAuth (often referred to as ‘modern authentication’). Some Ricoh customers using Ricoh StreamLine NX might be required to adjust their configuration by using OAuth, if basic authentication is currently used. This can be performed in the settings by selecting "Connect to Office365" in the "Select Server Type" and "From OpenID Connect Login" in the "OAuth Token Option". Alternatively, they can use Microsoft Exchange Server. We advise customers to check if they use any of the impacted protocols and visit this Microsoft page for further guidance.

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