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Ricoh launches the R5112 Series, 42V/200mA Voltage Regulator with Voltage Detector

Amstelveen, the Netherlands, July 15, 2016 – Ricoh Europe (Netherlands) B.V. Semiconductor Support Centre has launched the R5112, a voltage regulator plus voltage detector designed to minimise current consumption. The device offers a wide operating temperature range and accommodates a variety of high demanding applications for consumer, automotive and industrial use.

The R5112 features 42V maximum input voltage and 200mA output current with an absolute maximum rating of 50V and is able to tolerate load-dump peak voltages of 60V (<200ms) and has a consumption of only 3.8µA a long stand-by time of the battery is guaranteed. The operating temperature range varies from −40°C to 105°C for consumer applications and up to 125°C for automotive and industrial use. Meanwhile, the output voltage and threshold voltage has an excellent accuracy of ±0.6%, as well as a low temperature drift coefficient of ±60ppm/°C, which make the device suitable as a high reliable power source.

As for protection circuits, the R5112 comprises an output short-circuit, an overcurrent and a thermal shutdown protection circuit in addition to the basic voltage regulator circuits. The fold-back type output short circuit protection ensures that the output current is reduced to typically 80mA during a short circuit event. The regular over-current protection limits the output current to typically 350mA and the protection is automatically released once the excessive load has been removed. The thermal shutdown circuit detects when the voltage regulator becomes overheated and disables the device when exceeding a temperature threshold to protect it from damage.

The additional embedded voltage detector is used to monitor a voltage level and provides a reset signal on the output as soon the voltage drops below a specified threshold voltage. The designer has the option to select between a version monitoring the output of the voltage regulator and a version monitoring a voltage source of preference by an individual SENSE pin. The output of the voltage detector can be used to reset a processor IC when its supply voltage drops below a critical minimum level. The actual length of the reset period can be specified by the value of an external capacitor.

This device is offered in an 8-pin HSOP-8E package with high power dissipation capability.

Ricoh Electronic Devices Co., LTD. (REDC) recently expanded its product portfolio, now consisting of three main application categories: Consumer, Industrial and Automotive. All semiconductor devices are standard tested at 25°C for consumer use. The products for industrial and automotive applications both passed an additional screening at high temperature and exposure to an extended reliability test period. Automotive products are ranked upon purpose: Safety-critical parts, General equipment or Accessories. These devices (except the latter category) are also tested at low temperature. The R5112 is designed for general equipment as well as accessories and is scheduled to become AEC-Q100 compliant.

R5112 Features:

Input Voltage Range3.5 V to 42.0V
Operating Temperature Range(consumer) -40°C to 105°C
(automotive + industrial) -40°C to 125°C
Supply CurrentTyp. 3.8μA
Standby CurrentTyp. 0.1μA
Dropout VoltageTyp. 0.6V (Iout = 200mA, Vout = 5.0V)
Output Voltage Accuracy±0.6%
Output Voltage Temperature-Drift CoefficientTyp. ±60 ppm/°C
Line RegulationTyp. 0.01%/V
Output Voltage Range1.8V/ 2.5V/ 2.8V/ 3.0V/ 3.3V/ 3.4V/ 5.0V
Built-in Output Short-circuit Protection CircuitTyp. 80 mA
Built-in Over-current Protection CircuitTyp. 350 mA
Built-in Thermal Shutdown CircuitTyp. 170°C

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