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Small Business Future Growth

Shaping small business recovery

When Covid-19 hit, businesses were forced to transition to full-time remote work almost overnight. While many small businesses were able to adapt in the short-term, new challenges emerged when it came to returning to the physical workplace.

With the modern workforce more fragmented than ever, it's clear now that accelerating digital transformation will be essential for these businesses' long term success.

This new report by Ricoh Europe, with research conducted by Opinium Research, explores the experience of working remotely in a small business during the pandemic. It unearths key trends and pain-points, and offers guidance for small business owners to navigate the turbulent period ahead.

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Small businesses risk losing their best talent due to technology frustrations while remote working

Small businesses risk losing their best talent due to technology frustrations while remote working

As business owners recover from the effects of the global pandemic, workers expect their employer to offer a modern approach to how and where they work - or else, may seek greener pastures.

This is a challenge that disproportionally affects small businesses. Over a quarter (27%) of European small business workers are considering switching jobs to somewhere better equipped for remote working. Why? Communication and technology issues are making it difficult for 29% of workers to stay motivated and engaged while remote working. And 48% are also having to rely on their own equipment to work remotely because their company didn't provide it.

While digital transformation may have been on their long-term roadmap, small businesses must accelerate plans, now. Without the technology to make it easy and safe for employees to work effectively from anywhere, business owners are facing a brain drain of their top talent. And it may undermine their future business success.

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