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Digital Workplace Enablement

The heartbeat of your workplace transformation is end-user computing and the platform that supports it. The challenge for organisations is giving users a seamless experience. 

This requires workplace modernisation that moves you away from technology silos. Instead, devices, security, data, collaboration and applications must be integrated to maximise efficiency and productivity for employees, driven by a people first, cloud-first model. 

Understanding how best to align the technology depends on how the business, and primarily, your people are going to use it – not the other way around.

Industry-Leading Platform

Ricoh offers industry-leading platform management solutions, governed by our global consultancy approach, providing desktop/OS, data and application services that enable customers drive productivity through the latest technology whilst mitigating issues that result in lost time, money, and productivity.

We support, among the others: 

  • Desktop & Device: Windows, Design, Train & Adopt, Migrate & Deploy, Lifecycle Support, Security
  • Application: Remediation, Architecture, Hosting, Deployment Support, Security
  • Data: Optimisation, Migration, Hosting, Deployment Support, Security

Digital Workplace Solutions

Digital Experience Assessment
This is a people-first approach to the analysis of how your organisation works, the workstyles of individual employees and how successfully they engage with your digital estate – and how well it works for them in return. We collect qualitative and quantitative data, following a thorough assessment using expert analysis, then collate it into an easy-to-digest report and present this back to you. Putting in place an informative foundational knowledge and setting you on the right path for successful digital transformation.

Our consultancy services cover equipment, place, process and technology, accessing the voice of the people; process workflow analysis; learning & training and change management.

Integrated Workplace Solutions
Our integrated workplace solutions are your bridge from the User Experience to the Enterprise. Ricoh’s integrated Workplace solutions such as Ricoh Spaces through the use of SaaS, IOT devices and our very latest Modern Data Warehouse will enable you to improve efficiency, increase productivity and reduce costs whilst ensuring that decisions made concerning meeting rooms, work areas and the office in general are based upon objective data rather than estimates, guesswork or anecdotal feedback.

Smart Lockers solutions
With Smart inventory management lockers can help reduce downtime by securely storing mission-critical equipment near potential points-of interest for rapid access 24/7. The service is integrated into Ricoh Spaces our Integrated Workplace Solution, leveraging Ricoh’s Device Lifecycle Management process and IT asset management tools using Ricoh ServiceNow.

Anything as a Service (XaaS) 
Helps organisations mitigate Capex costs by taking a typical hardware device (such as a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone) and software, bundling it with a variety of professional and managed services and offering it to a customer for a monthly cost per user fee.

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