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Running a small business is no small feat and your printers should be the least of your worries. Lack of time, limited resources and IT request overload, we know your challenges. You need print solutions that works for you, not vice versa. That’s why we’ve bundled up print and document management solutions in one comprehensive essential package, designed to keep your printers and document management workflows running smoothly and, helping you stay in control of your costs.​

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Revolutionise your small business with our essential print solutions. Make your printers the catalyst for a digital transformation that's secure, productive, and simply better.

Efficiency, cost savings, less downtime – it’s all part of the solutions. We’ll keep an eye on your printers, step in with supplies and support right when you need it and more importantly, help you continue your digital transformation, allowing for better efficiency, improved employee experience and reduced environmental impact.

🖨️ Effortless Printing

🌐 Cloud Connectivity

🔒 End-to-End Security

🔄 Automatic Updates

💼 Cost Control & Efficiency

🌱 More Sustainable

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