Kofax Control suite

Document & Workflow Management

Tungsten ControlSuite

Printing, document capture and workflow automation in a single, fully integrated suite.

Unlocking tomorrow's productivity

Empower your digital transformation journey with Tungsten ControlSuite™. It enhances your Ricoh Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) with intelligent automation to boost efficiency, productivity, and document security - even across a remote or hybrid workforce. ControlSuite is a print, scan and output management service that integrates with your existing business systems and multi-manufacturer devices. Deliver optimised capture, print, and mobile workflows with a predictive analytics dashboard and cloud-based services. 

Small & Medium businesses, and large enterprises alike can provide a seamless user experience across a multi-fleet environment. Ricoh’s strategic partnership with Tungsten means you get both the expertise and optimal hardware/software integration that you need.

Kofax ControlSuite


Automated workflow

Streamline your business by automating document and content workflows. State-of-the-art Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology extracts information from a diverse range of documents and formats.

Predictive analytics

Visualise and analyse print and capture workflows across your multi-fleet environment with predictive analytics dashboards and actionable insights that enable you to optimise processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

Enable mobile workflows

Make your mobile or hybrid workforce more connected and productive. ControlSuite provides on-the-go mobile capture, secure mobile print and release, authentication, and digital signatures.

Single platform

A unified platform for capture, print, and mobile workflows provides a consistent experience across all devices. ControlSuite’s interface maximises usability and productivity, and delivers an exceptional user experience.


Manage, secure and govern documents through an integrated enterprise-grade solution, regardless of company size.

Connected cloud workflows

Experience increased levels of security and improved efficiency by integrating capture workflows with cloud-based solutions.

Safeguard compliance

Implement consistent business rules and data protection policies. Leverage features such as automatic redaction, watermarking, and rule-based printing to ensure sensitive information is appropriately handled and protected.

Maximise security

A single solution for effective document management and enhanced security and governance, using audit trails with an information chain of custody.