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Ricoh Workflow Navigator

Ricoh Workflow Navigator is a document management solution designed to help intermediation businesses optimise their client registration processes – improving efficiency and accuracy, and minimising human error.  

Financial agents must collect different combinations of documents from clients in order to deliver their financial services.  These documents need to be verified as accurate for client registration process to be successful.

With Ricoh Workflow Navigator, agents can preconfigure a list of required documents, the contents to be verified and the applicable settings per product, to streamline the registration process. Through this easy-to-follow process, human error is minimised and agents can rest assured that the right documents have been collected, with complete accuracy, at each stage of registration.

Key features & benefits

Essential Capabilities
  • Capture and digitise multiple documents required for one purpose, e.g. insurance application, mortgage application, telecom contract, in a sequence of scanning operations.
  • Metadata and indexing for automated document process.
  • Required document list and settings are preconfigured per workflow so that end users can correctly capture documents, reducing mistakes and rescanning.
  • Configuration tool for customer administration.

At A Glance Benefits
  • Automate the daily documents registration process for greater efficiency
  • Minimise human error and improve accuracy 
  • Accelerate process automation by digitising documents with metadata and indexing
  • Easy-to-follow user interfaces navigates capturing operation – requiring no training

The configuration tool and user guide

The configuration tool and user guide