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RICC - Ricoh Creative Collaboration

RICC uses collaboration, commitment, and productivity as key elements for the next meeting generation.

The RICC software was developed based on research findings from a study of employee experience before, during and after meetings. The resulting suite of apps streamlines processes and enhances the output from any meeting, and so promotes increased productivity and end-user technology adoption.

The RICC Collaboration Software offers effective solutions delivering time and costs efficiencies and can be used across various meeting types, rooms, and technologies.

Features & benefits

RICC Collaboration Software is a single application suite covering all meeting processes and needs in a simple and effective way. 
Starting with the Booking Application experience, RICC Collaboration Software suite can be used to check online diaries and confirm both employee and room availability to find the perfect match, displaying the schedule on the meeting room touch panel and providing a useful final survey module after the meeting has ended.
During the meeting, the RICC Collaboration Software suite offers a full collaboration board application to promote and activate the user experience, allowing content to be shared and promoting interactivity.


  • Smart booking feature finds people and rooms, checking features and services available. Microsoft Outlook supported
  • 10” touchscreen monitor placed at the entrance to the conference room shows meeting schedules and allows direct reservation 
  • Survey module via mail to evaluate the meeting experience and monitor the usage of meeting rooms

  • Welcome screen set for the meeting. Motion detection available on D5530, D6520, D7510
  • Supported by all Microsoft Windows 10 applications and available in the app folder for a simple and safe activation
  • Wired, wireless and QR code content sharing directly from the laptop or smartphone
  • Powerful canvas to turn your notes into digital contents. Browser, video, image, file available on the screen to improve interactivity
  • Easy access to most of the video conferencing systems available on the market
  • Virtual assistant via Pop-up or voice available to support the execution of the main activities and guarantee the best meeting experience