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Ricoh Visual Communication Point Solution

  • Ricoh Visual Communication Point Solution
  • Ricoh Visual Communication Point Solution

Ricoh Visual Communication Point Solution enables you to always provide a personal and professional welcome to your visitors, using a remote receptionist, hostess or specialist in a central location or a connected call center. 

The  Visual Communication Point software can be used in any scenario where you want to receive or assist visitors and customers over video from a remote location. 

With the addition of the Visual Communication Point Kiosk the operation is easy and intuitive. The kiosk is a self-service kiosk created to be modern and feature rich. Complementing the kiosk with a Visitor management system will let you provide a personal and professional welcome in a flexible way. The visitor can check-in and print an identification badge without assistance or with support of a remote receptionist via video. The employee expecting the guest is informed either by the receptionist or automatically from the Visitor Management software. If required, a separate printer can be installed to produce handouts, maps and booklets for use in trade shows and conferences.

Features and benefits

Ricoh Visual Communication Point Solution offers:
  • Personal and professional welcome
  • Enhanced resource and cost saving
  • Queue system for video calls
  • Supported normal switchboard functionality
  • Supported multiple languages from a central location
  • Options for receptionists to receive calls from multiple queues
  • Customisable kiosk background

Ricoh Visual Communication Point kiosk offers: 
  • Streamline visitor management
  • Same welcome and visitor journey in every location
  • Full knowledge over who is in the building and why at any given time
  • Support of any Visitor Management Solution running on Windows
  • Flexible software options with a second open Windows 10 PC