RICOH Always Current Technology

Smart updates delivered to your device

Your needs change. Ricoh intelligent devices change with you.

RICOH Always Current Technology™

Copiers, printers, and multifunction printers are essential for organisations. With work styles and technology evolving rapidly, managing changes can be challenging. That is why organisations look for technology that provides a competitive edge to meet their commitments. Also our customers ask for improvements—new functions and enhancements to help them work more productively and efficiently.

As a response we created RICOH Always Current Technology™  allowing us to deliver timely solutions to solve your business needs, with speed to market our top priority.

The advantages of RICOH Always Current TechnologyTM

Scalable and intelligent solutions

You can invest with confidence in Ricoh technology, knowing that its functionality will grow over time. With RICOH Always Current Technology, you can take advantage of the latest features and functionality supported by your device, regardless of when it was purchased.

Smart updates delivered to your device

RICOH Always Current Technology is a standard feature of the latest RICOH Intelligent Devices. Quietly supporting you, it automatically downloads updates. And, much like your smartphone, prompts you to activate them at your convenience. The process is simple and secure.

Future-proofed investment

 With RICOH Always Current Technology™ the capabilities of your Ricoh device can grow with you. The platform allows you to install new features as they become available. There is no need to call a technician or wait until the end of a contract. New applications can be downloaded directly from the RICOH Application Site.

Empower the digital workplace

Experience the future of technology today.

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