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Ricoh Global Eco Action 2017

TOKYO, May 30, 2017— The Ricoh Group will position a whole month, starting on Thursday, June 1, as “Ricoh Global Eco Action Month” and will conduct a special event, “Ricoh Global Eco Action 2017” to encourage Group company employees to think about the environment and take eco actions.

In addition, the Ricoh Group will hold the “Common Action Day” for the entire Ricoh Group on Monday, June 5, which is the “United Nations World Environment Day.” “Ricoh Global Eco Action” began in 2006 and is organized annually. This year will mark the twelfth year of the event.

This year the Ricoh Group established the “Ricoh Group Environmental Goals” with the aim of achieving zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across the entire value chain by 2050. The Ricoh Group will strengthen its measures for achieving a zero-carbon society based on the Paris Agreement that came into force last year. 

To attain its goal, the Ricoh Group will need to adopt a range of measures, including numerous energy-saving activities and the active use of renewable energy, and also participating in, as the first Japanese company, RE100(), a global initiative committed to actively using renewable energy.

The Ricoh Group also places great importance on activities such as Ricoh Global Eco Action, which provides an opportunity for each of Ricoh Group employees around the world about 100,000 to recognize the need to conserve the environment of our precious earth. The Ricoh Group will encourage participation in activities and sharing information through many opportunities with the aim of joining forces with employees, families, friends, local residents, and customers to expand the scope of eco action on an even larger scale.

(*) RE100:
A global initiative established by companies that agreed a goal of procuring 100% of the electricity required for their businesses from renewable energy sources. Ricoh has committed to using a minimum of 30% renewable energy by 2030, and 100% by 2050.

Major activities for this year are shown below.

Activities to be conducted on June 5, the “Common Action Day” 

  • Ricoh will turn off Ricoh logo signboards at all Group companies around the world.
  • On June 5, the electricity used by Ricoh Group facilities all over the world will be provided via natural energy by making use of our Renewable Energy Certificate.
  • Employees will come to work wearing green articles of clothing and accessories to highlight “Ricoh Global Eco Action Month.”
  • Ricoh will hold a symposium inviting an external organization to consider the possibility for companies to use renewable energy. Ricoh will lead the actions for achieving a zero-carbon society through dialogue. (Ricoh Company Ltd.)

Activities at specific sites

  • Ricoh Europe PLC : To participate in a biodiversity conservation activity together with the NPO Royal Parks Foundation, with participation by employee volunteers in Regent’s Park, London.
  • Ricoh USA, Inc. : To launch a project for reducing the number of birds crashing into glass by attaching sheets printed by Ricoh products to the window glass. (“Homerun for Birds, Zero Strikes” project)
  • Ricoh Japan Corporation : To participate in Arakawa River cleanup activities with Group employees, their family members, customers, and local residents, and learn about creatures in this river and how to protect them. (May)
  • Ricoh Group employees : To sign their own eco declarations on the intranet, showing their commitment to actively participating in environmental conservation activities at home and in the community, as well as in the office.

Award activities 

This year the Ricoh Sustainability Management Division will award activities of employees that especially contribute to eco action rolled out around the world.

  • Awarding green fashion leaders : Ricoh will award individuals or groups that contributed to activities wearing green clothes suitable for eco action.
  • Awarding groups that carried out collaborative actions with stakeholders : Ricoh will award groups that expanded their activities by collaboration with stakeholders, such as customers and local residents.

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