Ricoh declares June as Global SDGs Action Month

Ricoh declares June as Global SDGs Action Month

Employees to share their efforts around SDGs and reaffirm a sense of achievement and fulfilment through work 

TOKYO, May 31, 2022 – Ricoh has once again declared June as “Global SDGs Action Month” to encourage all Ricoh employees to consider their contributions to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), take part in environmental and social activities, and establish a sense of fulfilment through work.

The core of the Ricoh Group’s management approach lies in sustainably enhancing corporate value by actively working to address and resolve social issues. Ricoh believes this is achieved by taking on a range of strategic initiatives to drive its contributions to the SDGs. To show its commitment to that belief, Ricoh will implement "Ricoh Global SDGs Action 2022" throughout June. By sharing case studies of employees' efforts to solve social issues, Ricoh aims to deepen mutual understanding of — and praise for — each employee’s efforts and help employees feel fulfilled at work.

Ricoh declares June as Global SDGs Action Month

In the previous fiscal year, the theme of Global SDGs Action Month was "Acceleration of SDGs actions based on materiality." Here, Ricoh Group companies introduced their social contribution activities, based on materiality and SDGs contributions through their businesses to further strengthen and spread SDG and ESG promotion activities.

This year, activities will be carried out under the theme of "SDGs action drives employees to feel fulfilled and proud about their work." In an employee survey conducted in Japan in March 2022, 93% of participants responded positively to the idea that efforts to solve social issues were connected to "feeling fulfilled at work." To build on such positive sentiments, this year’s activities are aimed at helping each Ricoh Group employee understand the SDG efforts of their peers and reaffirm a sense of achievement and fulfilment through work.

Ricoh's founding principles, the "Spirit of Three Loves (love your neighbor, love your country, and love your work)," are in keeping with the notion of a society that leaves no one behind, a key principle of the SDGs. Ricoh believes that every employee must consider how their work will contribute to customers and society, based on the SDGs, and put that knowledge into action. Ricoh will continue to work on solving social issues through its business, aiming to realize its vision of "Fulfillment through Work" by 2036, the 100th anniversary of its founding.

Event outline

Period: June 1–30, 2022

Theme: "SDGs action drives employees to feel fulfilled and proud about their work."

Global common activities:

  • Introduce actions around SDGs by motivated and active Ricoh Group employees
    Ricoh will introduce the SDG and ESG activities of employees in various roles and share how those activities lead to employees feeling fulfilled and proud about their work. All Ricoh Group employees can praise, support, and understand these activities as a benchmark to deepen their thinking about feeling a sense of achievement and Fulfilment through Work.
  • Photo Collection – Take photos of your passion for work
    Each Ricoh Group employee will understand the efforts around SDGs of their peers and will rediscover a sense of achievement and Fulfilment through Work by sending and sharing photos and comments that symbolize that rediscovery.

Activities in each region:


  • Seminar with experts who inclusively support people working with digital technologies.
  • New content will be added to the intranet video series "SDGs courses to learn in your spare time" (continued from 2020).
  • To accelerate contributions to the SDGs in all divisions, establish an annual action plan for each division and start implementing the plan (Ricoh Japan only).


  • Employees will share their stories about supporting and raising funds for those affected by the crisis in Ukraine.
  • Create a regional fundraising page for employees to donate to the Red Cross for Ukraine.

North America

  • Share the story of Ricoh's SDG and ESG support.
  • Award the first "SDGs Spotlight Award," an in-house commendation that rewards employees who take an active part in their communities.
  • Showcase the SDGs in action across Ricoh North America through numerous activities in June, including celebrations of World Environment Day, Pride Month, Juneteenth (U.S.), and National Indigenous Peoples Day (Canada).

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Ricoh declares June as Global SDGs Action Month 

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