MarcomCentral empowers users to seamlessly submit jobs and helps simplify print providers’ workflow

MarcomCentral empowers users to seamlessly submit jobs and helps simplify print providers’ workflow

Easy-to-use JobDirect® Plus tool enables clients to more efficiently submit jobs and boosts overall efficiency of a print environment through Ricoh’s TotalFlow integration
Ricoh Europe, Duesseldorf, 3 June 2016 – Ricoh Europe, on behalf of MarcomCentral, a Ricoh company, today unveiled a new tool that brings a modern overhaul and added scalability to the job submission process for print providers. JobDirect® Plus empowers inplant and print service providers with a seamless way for their end clients to create engaging, customised printed collateral through a responsive and touch-friendly User Interface (UI) while adding greater efficiency and integration within the operation’s overall workflow.

As our new world of work continues to evolve, print service providers are engaging with a wider range of clients beyond the savvy print professional. As such, the need for an easy-to-use tool is imperative to enable users without a strong production print background to submit jobs. JobDirect provides greater value to the end user through more relevant features and customising options while allowing inplant and print service providers to fully integrate these new jobs into their production workflow, reducing disruptions for one-time submissions. Integration of JobDirect with Ricoh TotalFlow offerings also helps streamline and increase the efficiency of a print business’s overall operation, enabling print jobs to flow through a fully automated print production path with no user intervention required.

Print providers can launch a customer-facing online ordering process with JobDirect Plus and scale as customer needs, and their own needs, grow. Integration with the MarcomCentral family of products brings value-add services like variable data publishing, brand control, email marketing, sales enablement, analytics and more.

Hosted in Europe, JobDirect Plus is offered as both a standalone online submission tool that emits press-ready files for production or as an add-on to the MarcomCentral Web-to-Print product, offering a flexible and competitive way to build new revenue streams as the need arises. With its sleek and contemporary UI, JobDirect Plus now gives print professionals, marketers and others a simple and intuitive way to engage, using a tool that scales with them based on job requirements and frequency. 

“The need to capture, manage and transform information more effectively in today’s digital world has increasingly become a requirement for print providers to effectively do business,” said Benoit Chatelard, Vice President, Production Printing, Ricoh Europe. “With new staff interacting with the print partners, or new business types working with new print partners, the demand for a simplified and intuitive tool to submit jobs quickly and accurately is critical. The new JobDirect tool addresses all of these demands, while also helping the print provider to improve their end-to-end workflows and more efficiently accept and complete these new jobs.” 

With JobDirect, printers can now:

  • Enable print jobs to flow from desktop client submission through a fully automated print production workflow with no user intervention required.
  • Integrate this job submission process with TotalFlow offerings to deliver new end-to-end efficiency throughout the overall process.
  • Provide a seamless way to scale from one-off job submissions to more fully integrated online marketing management when paired with MarcomCentral Web-to-Print.
  • Offer their clients new customisation capabilities useful for maintaining brand consistency, such as personalised media options, including colour overlay and size selection.
  • Deliver added flexibility to their clients who need to rotate, hide or insert blank pages; mix colour and monochrome jobs; create tab and slip sheets; upload multiple files; and monitor job tracking, billing, reporting and split shipping.  
  • Produce and transform JDF output through the TotalFlow solutions.
  • Offer client portals with features such as user permissions, 33 global languages, and product catalogues to help build new revenue streams.    
  • Present their clients with live price quoting via the easy-to-use UI.

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