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Launch of new RICOH EH DSSC modules with 20% increase in power generation

Independent power sources for IoT devices compatible with harsh environments such as refrigeration warehouses

TOKYO, May 19, 2021 – Ricoh has announced the launch of a new generation of RICOH EH DSSC Series, a solid-state dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) module that achieves high-power generation performance even under weak lighting conditions. The new module's maximum power output has improved by approximately 20% from the previous product. The latest modules can be used in low-temperature environments down to -30°C, perfect for a wide variety of settings, including lighted refrigerated warehouses and sensors for merchandising freezers. The new DSSC is offered as an independent power source for IoT sensor makers to use in devices for the manufacturing and distribution industries, smart offices and homes, and nursing and medical care facilities (storage of pharmaceuticals).

The new product line-up is available in three size formats. An evaluation set is also available containing three module sizes for product evaluation.

Product namesRICOH EH DSSC5284aRICOH EH DSSC2832aRICOH EH DSSC1719aRICOH EH DSSC Evaluation Set
Sales unit pcs/case12 pcs/case48 pcs/case120 pcs/case

5284a x 3 pcs

2832a x 3 pcs

1719a x 3 pcs

PricingContact sales
Release DateLate May, 2021

RICOH EH DSSC5284a - imageRICOH EH DSSC1719a - image
RICOH EH DSSC2832a - imageRICOH EH DSSC Evaluation Set - image

The Internet of Things (IoT) brings the power of the internet beyond standard computers or smartphones to a wide range of objects. Data from sensors attached to those objects can be collected and uploaded to the internet. The data can be used for monitoring environments or object locations wirelessly and without the need for batteries. The use of sensors is expected to increase in the future. Energy harvesting technologies (environmental power generation) using light, heat, vibration, etc., are attracting wide-spread attention as an effective power source that can power sensors continuously.

Ricoh’s DSSC was developed by applying the organic photoconductor technology that Ricoh has developed for multifunction devices. It solves the safety and durability problems, such as liquid leakage and corrosion, that batteries using electrolytes have. Also, by designing organic materials suitable for indoor light source wavelengths and optimizing the device structure, generating electricity with high efficiency is possible even in places with lower light levels, such as warehouses.

Ricoh will continue to develop technologies that improve the performance of solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells. It hopes to expand these devices' use as self-contained power sources into areas including sensing devices, light-emitting devices, and switches that contribute to powering the IoT of society.

Main features of the new RICOH EH DSSC Series

1. High power output in areas with low light
There is a high-power generation potential on the walls of offices, warehouses, and factories, even under indoor light or other low-light environments. Self-contained solar modules eliminated the need for replacing coin-type batteries used in IoT terminals.

2. High power output from low to high temperatures
High power generation is achieved under a wide -30°C to 60°C temperature range. Modules can be used in general indoor environments as well as in cold storage or refrigerated environments.

3. Safety with a solidified electrolyte
Modules are made using only solid materials and are safe and highly durable, eliminating the risk of liquid leakage due to aging.

Specifications of the new RICOH EH DSSC Series

Dimensions52mm × 84mm28mm × 32mm17mm × 19mm
Maximum output (Pmax) min.276μW48μW13μW
Open-circuit voltage (Voc) typ.5.4V
Maximum output operating voltage (Vpmax) typ.4.5V
Maximum output operating current (Ipmax) typ.61.3μA10.7μA2.9μA
Operating environmentIndoor

Electrical characteristics and conditions: Color temperature is approx. 5000K at 25°C.

For more product information, please see the link below:

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