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  • How to Guide for Remote Working >

    How to Guide for Remote Working

    Discover how to successfully connect workforces and ensure business continuity remotely. This guide contains best practices and recommendations to enable your teams to collaborate effectively and work productively from any location.

  • Accounts Payable: What digitisationcan do

    Accounts Payable: What digitisation can do

    This whitepaper explores how businesses are managing Accounts Payable and reveals how automating the accounts payable function can enable greater control and release significant savings.

  • IDC Whitepaper - Workplace

    IDC Whitepaper - Workplace

    This IDC whitepaper discusses how a well-executed Future of Work strategy can ensure survival and relevance.

  • IDC Whitepaper - Infrastructure

    IDC Whitepaper - Infrastructure

    This IDC whitepaper explains how front-end digitisation is not enough on its own for end-to-end digital transformation.

  • IDC Research - An intelligent company needs an intelligent core

    IDC Whitepaper – Data Analytics

    Implementing an analitics platform to make date-driven desicions has become business critical. This IDC research, sponsored by Ricoh, explains how data together with people can drive results.

  • IDC Whitepaper - Customer Experience

    IDC Whitepaper - Customer Experience

    IDC research shows that the adoption of digital platforms will continue to grow steadily over the next five years, and that the companies implementing these platforms within the next two years will lead the market for the next decade.

  • The Future of Work: Agile

    The Future of Work: Agile "Team of Teams"

    This IDC whitepaper reviews the business importance of teamwork, cross-functional collaboration, and business agility, as well as the fundamental role of technology to enable it and to serve as a catalyst to “change the way work is done.

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