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Trimble is changing the way in which companies operate in agriculture, construction, the geo-sector, transport and logistics work by offering products and services that unite the physical world with the digital world.

At its distribution centre in Eindhoven, Trimble prepares hardware solutions for transport to customers. As part of the order picking process, employees use handheld scanners. In the past, these scanners were stored in a cabinet with no supervision, and employees could simply retrieve them and return them without having to register them. 

To have better control over the handheld scanners, Trimble opted for smart lockers from Ricoh. 

Enzio Hermkens, Distribution Manager at Trimble explains: "Employees can collect a handheld scanner by opening the smart locker with their individual pass. That way, we know exactly who has which scanner. We have also configured the system so that a scanner must be returned to the smart locker within a certain period of time. If it isn't, then we receive a notification. 
Moreover, we know which colleague used the scanner last, which makes finding it again much easier. Users can also indicate if a scanner is broken when they return it. In that case, IT receives a notification that it needs to take further action. This helps us to minimize delays in repairs".

  • Challenge: Digital workflows and processes
  • Industry: Other
  • Business size: Small & Medium Business
  • Service Line: Service Advantage

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