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Leading Technology Company

Number of employees: 60,000 employees across 100+ countries
Departments using Ricoh Expense Manager: IT, Administration, Finance and Sales

The challenge 

A large global technology company with 60,000 employees operating in over 100 countries was using a manual, paper-based expense management process that placed a heavy administrative burden on employees, made it very difficult to effectively track expenditure and presented significant issues with security and adherence to corporate policy. 

The existing process involved more than ten steps to submit a single expense report, including filling out lengthy forms, collecting invoices, several signature and authorisation stages and manually uploading expense claims for processing. As well as being a large drain on resources, this system also meant that employees had to wait a long time for reimbursement and caused significant issues with reporting at a management level. 

A much more simplified, automated solution was critical to overcome these challenges and make the transition to the new system as smooth as possible, with deployment needed in over 100 countries for a large number of employees. 

How did Ricoh’s Expense Manager help?

Due to the size of the organisation and the complexity of the existing system, Ricoh conducted an in-depth review of the current processes and stakeholder requirements to create a detailed project plan for deployment. Key project milestones were mapped, in a phased approach, for all technical back-end integration and operational requirements. 

A successful six-month pilot of the new Ricoh Expense Manager system was launched in selected countries prior to the organisation-wide rollout to ensure deployment was as seamless as possible.   

The Ricoh Expense Manager’s open-source software was customised to integrate with the company’s back-end systems; from CRM and ERP software through to its payroll and IT infrastructure. The end-to-end expense management process is now fully automated for all employees, including engineers, sales and commercial teams and remote staff. 

The benefits

  • The new system has drastically simplified the back-end office processes, reducing resource requirements by around 70%. 
  • Employee satisfaction and productivity have increased within the organisation as a result of Ricoh Expense Manager’s ease of use and reduction in the administrative burden associated with expense management. 
  • The company’s global management team have much greater control over the expense process as they now have access to accurate, real-time receipts and data, which are transferred electronically. 
  • The new system has significantly increased security and adherence to corporate expenditure policies. 

  • Challenge: Digital workflows and processes
  • Industry: Other
  • Business size: Large business
  • Service Line: Application Services

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