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Delighting customers with rapid service powered by DocuWare

Ricotec cuts the time required to approve customer credit from three days to under 10 minutes, strengthening document security and improving cashflow

Established in Malawi in 1963, Ricotec, a Ricoh business partner, provides private business, banks and government organisations with a wide range of Ricoh products—including printers, print consumables and software. The company is also responsible for securely printing Malawian cheques, and services a country-wide fleet of ATMs.

From processing customer credit notes, quoting for repairs, creating invoices and confirming product deliveries, to managing internal HR processes, almost every activity carried out by Ricotec generates large volumes of documentation. 

For many years, Ricotec stored these documents in a maze of filing cabinets. Over time, the company found that working in this way created significant delays for the business—impacting customer satisfaction, sales and HR management.

Thanks to DocuWare, Ricotec cuts the time required to approve customer credit from three days to less than 10 minutes, while strengthening document security and improving cashflow. 

“Thanks to our positive experience with DocuWare, we’re actively advocating for the solutions and encouraging other companies in Malawi to use it. Already, we’ve seen increased interest in DocuWare among our customers, and we hope that by demonstrating the benefits we’ve achieved we can help more businesses to improve efficiency and reduce risk.”
Faizal Okhai, Managing Director


  • Challenge: Digital workflows and processes
  • Industry: Other
  • Business size: Mid Size Business
  • Service Line: Business Process Services

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