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Leading Manufacturing Company

Number of employees: 6000+ employees across 41 countries
Departments using Ricoh Expense Manager: Sales and Accounting

The challenge

A global manufacturing company had experienced a decade of rapid growth, leading to issues with the management of expenses and increased administrative workload of its employees due to the challenges of scaling its operations. 

Corporate credit cards were introduced in an attempt to combat the problem, however this was not a viable long-term solution. Credit cards were not accepted in all establishments and often couldn’t be used for smaller expenses due to a minimum required spend. The company subsequently created its own platform where every employee entered their own cash expenses. But this solution involved an increase in administrative work for the accounting department due to the review of duplicate expenses. 

The company required a more efficient, sustainable long-term solution to automate the expense process and reduce the administrative burden associated with expense management for employees. 

How did Ricoh’s Expense Manager help?

The Ricoh team worked closely with the company to develop a strong understanding of the pain points in the organisation’s expense management process and how best to roll out the new solution across all global offices.

The Ricoh Expense Manager was effectively onboarded to automate all expense management related processes, from scanning receipts to generate expense reports for submission (eliminating the need for paper copies) through to the verification of receipts, approval of expenses and reconciliation for payment. The system was fully integrated with the company’s financial and CRM systems (SAP and Salesforce) to further improve tracking and reporting capabilities and streamline finance processes. 

Ricoh Expense Manager has also now been approved by Spain’s tax agency, so the company is able to use digital copies of receipts in one of their key markets. 

The Benefits

  • Ricoh’s Expense Manager eliminated the requirement of paper and lengthy expense submission processes and provided a digitised reporting system approved by Spain’s Tax Agency.  
  • The new system was effectively onboarded across all global offices with full successful adoption and integration within one month of launch.
  • The efficiency of the company’s approval process was significantly improved, with the new workflow alerting management in real-time of any suspicious expenses to avoid fraudulent expense claims. 

  • Challenge: Digital workflows and processes
  • Industry: Other
  • Business size: Large business
  • Service Line: Application Services

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