Interstream Barging
Interstream Barging


Automatic document processing in the cloud

DocuWare offers the advantage of evolving along with the organization’s developments

The company
Interstream Barging is one of the largest inland shippers of liquid products in Europe. The organisation transports gasoline, diesel, chemicals and vegoil (edible vegetable oils). The company has a fleet of around 125 ships, 30 of which are owned by the company. The organisation has 250 employees who staff the ships, and 60 office workers ashore. A loading capacity of over 350,000 tons makes Interstream Barging the market leader in Western Europe. The organization has offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

The challenge
Interstream Barging processes a large number of documents, like travel documents. They coordinate 20,000 transports every year and for each trip, this means processing around 15 documents. These relate to loading and unloading activities, information on the cargo and safety regulations, among other things. They also process 30,000 purchase invoices every year and have to deal with dozens of contracts and HR documentation.

The solution
To process all these documents more efficiently, they were looking for an integral solution for information logistics and a partner who was able to think along with them and ensure that their processes were safeguarded. After much deliberation, RDC West-Brabant and Zeeland (RICOH Document Center) were chosen as the supplier, looking to implement DocuWare, a document management solution.

"Thanks to the workflows, we now work much more efficiently and have a better overview. Every week, we save half a day’s work on the procurement process alone. We also reduce the error margin and number of corrections required. We now want to shift our focus to contract management and customer acceptance procedures. We already have all the required technology in house. DocuWare offers the advantage of evolving along with the organization’s developments and vision in terms of workflows and document storage.”

Wilbert de Bie, Business Controller

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