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Meeting demanding cybersecurity standards with additive manufacturing experts at Ricoh

This global technology company provides a wide range of large-scale infrastructure and manufacturing projects for clients across a wide range of sectors. In the UK, the company helps rail operators to build, maintain and develop new and existing infrastructure. 

Recently, this technology firm took on a series of long-term rail development projects in the UK, including a multi-billion pound initiative aimed at increasing rail capacity at a key transport hub. To help these new projects run smoothly and safely, the company generated even more daily blueprints and set out to expand its fleet of production printers. 

As well as creating granular-level plans and integrating with the company’s existing management software, the new production printers had to meet robust security standards. For this, the company wanted to embed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) card readers to regulate access and monitor usage, as well as protect against unauthorised tampering with cable ports.

Based on its analysis, the Ricoh 3D team identified that additive manufacturing was the best available technology for meeting the rapid turnaround time of 12-weeks set by the technology company.

"Ricoh always goes the extra-mile to ensure that they meet our needs. What’s more, Ricoh’s investment in cutting-edge technologies and access to a wide range of innovative technologies in-house, such as additive manufacturing, gives us added confidence that they will be the right strategic partner to help us grow our business in the years ahead."

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