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The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) is the world’s largest professional body for environment and sustainability practitioners, who work either within organisa¬tions or as independent consultants. 

Setting sustainability standards like ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems, IEMA develops and offers professional develop¬ment support, training courses, advice and resources that help enhance the skills and expertise of its 14,000 members in 101 countries.


One of IEMA’s key challenges was accessing and managing core business data, especially members’ details. With a number of legacy systems each holding different information, gathering members’ details was slow, laborious and open to potential keystroke errors. 

With no central systems, it was also difficult to analyse membership data by type (individuals, consultants, small and large businesses and universities), role, qualification level and expertise, each of which has its own fee structure.

IEMA needed a way of centralising their operations, systems and data to obtain a ‘single version of the truth’ regarding its membership, revenues and the provision of its support – to improve IEMA’s management as well as to better serve its members. It also wanted to create a more productive and positive working environment for employees.

'We were impressed with Ricoh’s Business Solutions team because of its expertise, wealth of experience and its commitment to us as a relatively small organisation, which made the project and working relationship so positive."
Neil Fray, Finance Director, IEMA 

Business Priorities:

  • Improving Productivity, Quality & Operations: To centralise all membership data, eliminating conflicting information and creating a true picture of each member and the membership body as a whole.
  • Profit improvement/ Asset Monetisation: To analyse training requirements, memberships and all related fees so income can be actively managed, using accurate systems that stop lost revenue.
  • Cost Optimisation, Efficiencies: To optimise IEMA’s workplace, making systems and processes more efficient and improving its business environment for employees. 
  • Transformation, Be Digital, Modernization: To set up automatic reporting using the latest information on market data, memberships, accreditations, demographics, accounts, income, training resources and operational details.

'The Ricoh business intelligence solution has turned silos of data into valuable information, so decision-making is quick and effective and helps us deliver a better service to our members.'
Neil Fray, Finance Director, IEMA 

IT Priorities:

  • Data, BI, Analytics: 1.To improve data access from multiple sources, giving better quality information about each member in a single, real-time view, meaning IEMA can give customers personalised service and targeted support.
  • To implement a business intelligence reporting solution so data can be analysed and manipulated quickly and accurately, giving insight, guiding strategy, improving services and producing reports
  • Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Customer Experience: To streamline systems and processes using Ricoh workplace solutions that assist employees, improve marketing intelligence, increase memberships and boost revenue. 

With IEMA seeing benefits as soon as Ricoh’s BI solutions went live, like recovering £22,000 in fees, download the case study to see how Ricoh worked with IEMA to develop data and business intelligence solutions that improve customer service, enrich reporting, drive revenue and boost membership.

  • Challenge: Customer Engagement
  • Industry: Professional Services, Membership organization
  • Business size: Large business
  • Service Line: Application Services

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