Retailer B&M sustains business growth and productivity with digital document management solution.

Engage new employees into the business within hours, rather than weeks.

Ricoh DocuWare, a cloud-enabled document management software system, has enabled the business to operate and expand at the pace it wants to. It continues to increase its store numbers in the UK, and at peak periods might need to take on several hundred people per week. DocuWare plays a key role in ensuring B&M’s people remain productive and agile.

“We had a requirement to streamline a paper-based process for onboarding new staff members. It was taking around two weeks to bring in new colleagues, and because of the growth of the business, we needed a way of on-boarding them within 48 hours.

B&M’s IT Director David Grady


  • Challenge: Digital workflows and processes, Governance and compliance, Information Security
  • Industry: Other
  • Business size: Large business
  • Service Line: Managed Document Services, Business Process Services

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