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Smart and Safe Workplaces

Responding to the changes impacting organisations right now means many businesses are questioning how they can respond at speed to keep their teams connected, productive and safe.

Many businesses are asking themselves:

"Will our employees worry about working in the workplace?"

"How will we manage the “where” and the “when” for those who want to be in the workplace?"

"What about our customers or clients – How can I still offer the same level of service with employees in so many different locations?"

"Social distancing in the office? What about the entrance lobby? Hot-desking, communal seating areas, meeting rooms?
Old office habits will be hard to break."

"How can we cope with a backlog of paper-based records and admin?"

Our expertise and extensive solutions can help you enable the new blended way of working, meeting changing digital and physical workplace requirements while protecting and promoting your long-term business success.

Whether you are looking to deploy a cost-effective solution at speed or want to take a longer-term view, Ricoh is in a unique position to help your business adapt and thrive.

Enable success in a changed world

More than ever, employees are looking for choice and flexibility when it comes to when and where they work. We can help you provide a consistent and productive experience to support secure, compliant and effective hybrid working.

  • Emloyee Wellbeing Solutions

    Employee Wellbeing and Workplace Experience

    Put your employees first and ensure their safety without compromising their workplace experience. Enable confidence in employees returning to the workplace through a host of solutions including desk booking, no contact personal temperature screening, digital signage and reception desk systems, low-touch or no-touch operations, contact-free deliveries and secure storage with smart lockers.

  • Business Operations Solutions

    Business Operations

    Adopting the right IT infrastructure that enables your teams to work collaboratively and productively from anywhere has never been more important. Keep information secure, manage data more effectively and use the cloud to create flexibility across your business.

  • Process Workflow Solutions

    Process Workflow

    Keep critical business processes running whether you’re in the office or working remotely. Optimise or automate processes and workflows to free your teams from repetitive tasks, enabling them to focus on more rewarding, high value work.

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