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Finance Director - Control Cashflow

Making sustainable investments

It's important for Finance Directors to choose sustainable, end-to-end digital and automated solutions that can take care of day-to-day F&A processes so they can focus on organisational strategy to drive business success.

Automating F&A processes improves productivity and allows for faster and better decision making. Reduce error and get greater visibility and transparency by digitising your processes.

Control Cost with Automation

Automating your F&A processes can reduce your costs. Our GDPR compliant solutions provide security assurance and privacy by design, and enable you to reallocate resources, reduce error and accelerate decision making.

  • Intelligent Workflow Automation

    Intelligent Workflow Automation

    Automate key processes through the cloud to reduce costs & improve customer experience.

  • Automating Accounts Payable

    Automating Accounts Payable

    Optimise AP processes - reduce error and enable faster transactions.

  • Ricoh Smart Integration Control+

    Ricoh Smart Integration Control+

    Easy to use workflow apps that enable important information to be instantly accessible.

  • E-Invoicing


    Meet government compliance by digitising invoice data. E-invoicing is trackable, with  secure portals to allow online viewing, e-invoice delivery and payment analytics.

  • Online Archiving

    Online Archiving

    Remote & secure storage to search and retrieve business information.

  • Digital authorisation / eSignature

    Digital authorisation

    Manage entire digital workflows and speed up business processes with secure digital signature solutions.

Drive cost savings in The Cloud

Drive cost savings in The Cloud

We help businesses build a strategy for the organisation, including finance, that uses ‘best-of-class’ cloud-based systems. Increase business agility and boost productivity with scalable Cloud solutions that drive cost efficiencies.

We support businesses around the world in their digital transformation efforts by providing expert consultation and a suite of flexible digital workplace solutions.

  • Cloud provision

    Cloud Provision

    Increase business agility, boost productivity, and protect your data with scalable cloud solutions.

  • Cloud provision Case Study

    Cloud provision Case Study

    In partnership with Ricoh, West Ham not just transformed its IT infrastructure, it has been a catalyst for business process change and smarter working.

  • Agile move to cloud

    Agile Move to Cloud

    Migrating IT services to achieve agile and modern IT infrastructure.

  • Agile Move to Cloud Case Study

    Agile Move to Cloud Case Study

    Ricoh’s innovative approach to business and IT consultancy has seen Agrovista transform its business processes and working practice.

Continuous Security Monitoring

Continuous Security Monitoring

Ensure your data and information is protected with continuous, real-time security monitoring services for business networks. Our expertise includes helping organisations meet data and information security standards including GDPR.

We provide a range of services using "best-in-class" technology to keep your networks and infrastructure secure.

Process Automation Case Studies & Reports

  • Digital Workflow

    Digital Workflow

    Digital Workflow helped Flexilube improve customer experience and achieve a 65% reduction in administrative workload.

  • Digital Document Management

    Digital Document Management

    Retailer B&M sustains business growth and increased productivity with Ricoh's digital document management solution.

  • Digitising Accounts Payable

    Digitising Accounts Payable

    Find out how digitising Accounts Payable can have a significant impact on both the finance team and the wider organisation.

  • Online Archiving

    Online Archiving

    Ricoh implemented a digital scan-to-archive document solution for GAM that dramatically improved their flow of information. Cost efficiencies enabled a ROI within a year of implementation.

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