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Finance Director

Strategy and solutions to optimise business finance

With a drastically different working environment, Finance Directors are now facing many challenges to maintain business continuity, control cashflow and realise the long-term business strategy.
It's now more crucial than ever to understand how to adapt and optimise finance and accounting processes to drive productivity and resilience.

Control Cashflow

Control Cashflow

Discover solutions that enable you to control and proactively monitor and manage working capital & cashflows across your entire organisation. 

Shaping Future Business

Build and implement a robust and resilient finance strategy to make your finance team and processes more efficient and ensure long-term profitability.

Shaping Future Business

Streamline finance processes

Streamline finance processes

Implement automation to ensure business continuity and achieve cost cutting measurements. Balance short term financial commitments against long-term sustainable investment and stability.

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Finance solution case studies

  • GAM Case Study


    Ricoh implemented a digital solution that automated the capture and distribution of business critical documents. To reduce investment costs and simplify handling, the new digital process utilises GAM’s existing multifunctional imaging systems.

  • B&M


    Retailer B&M sustains business growth and productivity with digital document management solution.

  • Flexilube


    Ricoh implemented a digital workflow that drives everything from order validation, to delivery and invoicing.

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