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University Services Director

Building a smart and safe campus for education

To accelerate the future of education and drive better learning outcomes higher education institutes need to develop a healthy and sustainable campus that helps to increase employee and student wellbeing. You need to provide and maintain a superb infrastructure to deliver the best possible blended learning and hybrid working experience for students and employees when returning to campus.

Blended Learning

Reimagine the value of the campus to deliver and support blended learning & collaboration both online and offline for teachers and students to drive productivity and engagement.

Blended Learning

Campus Operations

Campus Operations

Better understand and manage capacity and utilisation on campus. Support the optimisation, digitisation and automation of campus operations to enable security and continuity from any location.

Safe & Healthy Campus

Plan and manage campus readiness and develop a healthy & safe place to work and learn for employees and students when they return to campus. Campus should be a safe place to work and learn.

Safe & Healthy Campus

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University Services Director Case Studies

  • Humboldt-Universität


    New print facilities at German university Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin enhances student services and reduces downtime

  • University of Groningen

    University of Groningen

    Ricoh's Managed Document Service saves the University of Groningen €700 000 a year.

  • Wico Scholengemeenschap

    Wico Scholengemeenschap

    With Ricoh's help, schools in Belgium are able to produce more effective educational collateral at a lower cost.

  • Khon Kaen University

    Khon Kaen University

    Affordable country-wide service to enhance remote learning across Khon Kaen’s school network.

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