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Smart & Safe Solutions for Small Businesses

Choosing the right small business solutions

Small businesses need to understand the key factors to consider in order to create a safe place to work, they need to research what solutions are available and decide what they need to implement to adapt to the new ways of working.

Minimising business impact is crucial so responding at speed is key to keep business processes running. So, what are the best ways to create a safe, connected work environment that maintains productivity? 

Key factors to consider to enable a safe working environment

  • Employee Wellbeing

    Employee Wellbeing

    Build employee confidence in returning to the workplace with smart & safe solutions such as desk booking, no-contact temperature screening, digital signage and reception desk systems, low-touch or no-touch operations, contact-free deliveries and secure storage with smart lockers.

  • Business Operations

    Business Operations

    Change or adapt your existing IT infrastructure to enable teams to work collaboratively and productively from anywhere. Understand new solutions that keep information secure, manage data more effectively and use the cloud to create flexibility across your business.

  • Process Workflow

    Process Workflow

    Keep critical business processes running whether you’re in the office or working remotely. Optimise or automate processes and workflows to free your teams from repetitive tasks, enabling them to focus on more rewarding, high value work.

Enable success in a changed world

We can help you provide a consistent and productive experience to support secure, compliant and effective hybrid working with the following solutions:

  • Digital authorisation / eSignature

    Digital Authorisation / eSignature

    Manage entire digital workflows and speed up business processes with secure digital signature solutions.

  • RICOH Spaces

    RICOH Spaces

    A cloud-hosted workplace enhancement platform that can enable desk and space bookings, IoT, wayfinding, workplace insights and more.

  • Smart Device Connector

    Smart Device Connector

    Discover the smart app that enables touchless operation for various devices.

  • Digital signage

    Digital Signage

    Communicate and control important business messages with digital signage solutions, 24/7, at any location.

  • Meeting space solutions

    Meeting Space Solutions

    Keep teams connected with flexible, mobile and easy to use video conferencing and collaboration solutions. 

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