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Process Automation Solutions for Enterprise Businesses

Streamline processes with business process automation

Focus on growth and intelligent working by streamlining resource-intensive processes in the cloud.

Digitised workflows can enable employees' remote access to share and store information securely, and provide a platform to deliver more efficient customer service and business operations.

Key Benefits of Process Automation

  • Enterprise - Process Automation - Critical Business Process and Security

    Business Continuity & Security

    Digitise and automate critical business processes for procurement, invoicing, HR and mail. Simplify compliance with local and regional regulations by adopting electronic invoicing and information exchange.

  • Enterprise - Process Automation - Efficient and Effective use of resources

    Resource Efficiency

    Paperwork digitisation can reduce costs and the risk of errors, provide greater flexibility to adapt to customer needs and enable more reliable data insights to help you make better business decisions.

  • Enterprise - Process Automation - Customer Experience

    Customer Experience

    Streamlining customer processes improves customer experience and enhances your brand reputation. Automation can speed up processes and improve accuracy, costs go down, and customer satisfaction goes up.

Enable success in a changed world

Ricoh supports the following Enterprise solutions that can be scaled to meet the needs of your organisation:

  • Intelligent Workflow Automation

    Intelligent Workflow Automation

    Automate key processes through the cloud to reduce costs & improve customer experience.

  • Online Archiving

    Online Archiving

    Remote & secure storage to search and retrieve business information.

  • E-Invoicing


    Remote & secure storage to search and retrieve business information.

  • Back up and overflow Printing & Mailroom Services

    Back Up and Overflow Printing & Mailroom Services

    High volume print and mail services fulfilled from dedicated centres.

  • Marketing Process Automation & Optimisation

    Marketing Process Automation & Optimisation

    Distribute and customise marketing assets locally, and control brand integrity centrally.

  • Digitise Mailrooms

    Digitise Mailrooms

    Incoming mail digitised and routed to where it's needed.

  • Automating Accounts Payable

    Live Event Broadcasting

    Enable meetings to reach your entire workforce/large audiences through video broadcasting, streaming & recording platforms.

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