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End-User Device Support

Ricoh can provide a desktop or device environment which is enhanced by centrally provisioned software services such as Microsoft O365 and security. Utilising a comprehensive set of managed service capabilities, we balance the need for fast and agile digital services with the stability that’s required by in-house business critical applications and services.


  • Access to SaaS based applications and storage
  • Secure cloud-based identity management
  • Self-service on-demand provisioning and application delivery
  • Tailored configurations for different applications and user groups across a wide range of locations
  • Context driven analytics services
  • Ability to procure device, software and managed services as a /user
  • Subscription bundle

On-site Support

A highly reliable and efficient IT infrastructure is the foundation of a successful business. No matter how small the problem, faults in your hardware or software can prove extremely disruptive to normal business operations, especially when they aren’t dealt with immediately.

When any part of your infrastructure malfunctions, you want to know your staff can return to full productivity without delay. Ricoh’s team of vendor accredited field engineers, infrastructure and hardware specialists are able to provide around the clock support and essential repairs in the shortest possible timeframe.

Delivering on-site support for an organisation demands a precarious balance of staffing, equipment stocking, management of skill profiles and availability to complete on-going projects. To remove the burden of resourcing and costs, Ricoh offers a comprehensive field engineering service.

  • We guarantee an engineer on site, in accordance with an SLA designed to suit your business
  • Our team of field engineers are all vendor-accredited and trained to the most recent industry and manufacturer standards. This allows them to offer immediate critical specialist care and support
  • Ricoh’s technical team is able to offer the necessary support to customer sites based across Europe and Globally
  • The team is equipped to repair almost any issue, whether it be hardware or infrastructure related
  • We offer “TechBar” services where there is a requirement for several engineers on site

Lifecycle Services

With extensive experience in software distribution and configuration management, we ensure the quality of your updates prior to implementation to minimise any risk to mission critical services.

Our centrally managed, redundant and highly available managed workplace services provide a comprehensive configuration, change, life cycle and vulnerability management service that ensures your environments always remain up to date and secure. Whichever desktop or device platform you use, we can customise it to suit your environment. We also test each update before we deploy it to minimise risk.

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