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Enterprise Services

Do you strive to manage real estate costs but struggle to implement a unified strategy across your business? Would you like to offer your employees the very latest in workplace technology so they can be more flexible and work more productively?

By unlocking vital business intelligence you will gain a deep understanding of how workplace IT systems and collaboration tools will improve people’s working lives. Ricoh is your partner when you need to reduce the frustration caused by inefficient IT or out-of-date software and maximise the use of all your office locations.

Key features & benefits

A global partner with a local presence

As a global business operating in 180 countries, we know that large organisations have complex needs. No matter where your office locations are in the world, our local support network are never far away to offer on-site technical assistance when you need it. Our support team is monitoring your systems 24/7 to maintain the highest level of performance and security.

For enterprise organisations we provide a consultantive approach to assess your specific needs in relation to new technology, integrations with existing technologies, collaboration and geographical requirements. Our global team of specialists can carry out a detailed assessment of your existing workplaces and provide a bespoke solution which is unique to your needs. No matter where in the world you have your offices, we have a local Ricoh team available and ready to support you.

Choice of services with flexible financing options

An ever-changing business needs a flexible infrastructure that can cope with evolving demands. Ricoh is your single point of contact that not only gives you answers to the challenges you face right now, but also provides long-term, flexible solutions with a range of financing options

Success depends on effective implementation

In addition to the technical implementation, we work with you to deliver the cultural change that will:

  • Raise productivity levels by providing employees the tools to get the job done more efficiently in a way that suits them 
  • Increase employee engagement and retention by ensuring your workforce are satisfied with their work environment
  • Collaborate when and where you need it, knowing the experience will be seamless and secure
  • Instil a culture of creativity and flexibility that ultimately leads to a better work-life balance

Enable effective knowledge-sharing across your whole organisation and collaborative working no matter where in the world your employees are. 

Are you ready to transform your business?

Contact us now and Ricoh experts will be in touch to help you turn your office into the workplace of the future.

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