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Ricoh Print Point

Ricoh Print Point is key to the future of print outsourcing. A solution that centralises and automates print job submissions of all kinds, and still offers a personal and interactive approach to support your business needs. For any size of business, Ricoh Print Point offers an efficient and proactive production print process. You can leverage scaled print output to maximise economies, yet achieve a high degree of customisation, all from within the comfort of your office.

Choose from three Ricoh Print Point options:

  • Physical Print Point - lets you submit your print requests directly to a Ricoh print expert based onsite within your office environment, offering a single point of contact for all your printing needs
  • Virtual Print Point - provides you with a virtual attendant to help you process your job according to the most cost effective method for your particular request, to be processed either onsite or offsite
  • Hybrid Print Point – ideal for businesses that operate across multiple sites or floors, the hybrid service lets you combine Physical and Virtual Print Point in a solution tailored to your precise business configuration

Key features & benefits

Ricoh Print Point is a cost-efficient, professional service that lets you centralise and automate your print job submissions.

Cost-effective printing expertise

Print Point gives you access to the most up to date printing expertise and best practice, which means you always have the most suitable and cost-efficient solution for your printing task. It allows you to realise significant cost savings by better employing currently under-utilised equipment and optimising the use of supplies and personnel to increase productivity and profitability. 

High quality print and document finishing

With professional expertise at your fingertips, Print Point gives you access to the most innovative printing and print marketing techniques, allowing you to improve the impact of every piece of print that leaves your business. From laminating and specialised binding to personalisation and variable data printing, Print Point delivers what you need to stand out from the crowd.

Quick turnaround times

With instant access to the latest print workflow solutions and the ability to streamline communication and delegation, Print Point gives you increased control over both quality and timing. Improved workflow translates into a significant reduction in print lead times, whether you’re engaged in an invoice run or a customer marketing campaign.

Improved environmental performance

Print Point lets you optimise your printing approach. Through improved workflows and with access to a clear audit trail, you have the tools you need to precisely manage your environmental impact by optimising your use of resources and cutting down on waste.

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