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Mailrooms in large organisations are often cost centres that require significant labour investment to run smoothly. Ricoh’s Mailroom as a Managed Service can take this entire process off your hands.

Whether you’re looking for a partner to handle the sorting and distribution of your physical mail, or wish to automate and digitise your inbound mail processes, we create tailored solutions to help you manage your mail on your own premises.

Here are a few of the ways we can help with your manual processes:

  • Sort your incoming mail and drop it off at relevant desks or drop points
  • Collect and deliver or receive and sign for mail and couriered packages
  • Screening and management of mail, including junk and mystery mail

Introducing the digital mailroom

We can also help you digitise your mailroom for increased document control and more efficient delivery. Mail is scanned at the point of arrival and digitally distributed to the relevant recipients. At the same time, relevant documents are indexed and archived for easy retrieval and referencing when needed.

Our digital mailroom services include:

  • Scanning of mail as it arrives and electronic distribution to recipients
  • Multi-channel digital delivery
  • Indexing and archiving of relevant documents according to your retention policy

Key features & benefits

With Ricoh’s Mailroom as a Managed Service you’re assured that your internal mailroom will run smoothly and efficiently.

The service is managed from your premises as an in-house department, and enables you to:

  • Cut down on internal mail management administration time
  • Save time and money employing and managing mailroom staff
  • Increase mailroom efficiency with a dedicated service that employs mailroom best practices

In addition, our digital mailroom service provides:

  • Easier management and increased control of your documents
  • Lowered risk of mail being misplaced due to human error
  • Seamless integration of mail into your document management process        

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