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Invoicing Services

Ricoh’s Invoicing solution addresses your current invoicing requirements and supports your transition to a fully digital solution.

It allows you to migrate, at your own pace, your buyers and suppliers from paper-based invoicing to more efficient cost-effective electronic invoice processing.

Our cloud-based service reduces your risk of disruption by giving you the ability to easily control delivery of invoices from any location. It is flexible and scalable to match your evolving business needs, and is managed on an ‘as a service’ (aaS) basis so that you can easily manage your expenditure.

Paper-based invoicing is costly both in terms of the time it takes to administer incoming and outgoing invoices and the material costs involved in the process. Electronic invoicing is simpler to track and less prone to error than manual handling, meaning you can get a better grip on working capital and improve your customer experience.

Our service utilises the market leading Pagero platform to ensure compliance and interoperability across the globe.

We will help you evolve your invoicing procedures at a speed that suits your organisation, clients and suppliers. Some clients and suppliers may, for example, still require a paper-based approach to fit in with their own accounting practices, and our solution is easily tailored around these needs.

Key features & benefits

Ricoh’s invoicing solution supports your transition to digital and allows you to grow by providing a compliant and efficient service.

Our service will help you:

Control your cashflow
Increase the speed of payments, get real time reporting & analyses and reduce costly manual based processing.

Build resilience
Reduce errors typically associated with manual handling, improve information security by utilising our secure Azure based cloud and remove the risk of financial penalty for non compliance.

Ensure your future sustainability 
Remove regulatory barriers to entering new markets by providing compliance with tax laws and increase your customer experience with an easy to use solution that can administer invoices in any format – physical or digital.

This service includes :

  • Compliance with VAT requirements
  • Interoperability with closed business networks and open government portals e.g. PEPPOL
  • Delivery of outbound invoices through digital or print channels 
  • Supported migration from hard copy to digital invoicing at a speed that suits you
  • Formatting, sorting and delivery of invoices in the preferred format

Use cases

Ricoh solution delivers 63% efficiency gains

Ricoh’s digital invoice processing solution has helped a utilities supplier take control of its international supply chain. The automated system has streamlined invoice validation and approval and has reduced the time needed to process supplier invoices.

The manual, paper-based systems used by this utilities supplier to process supplier invoices were inefficient and time-consuming. The company needed a more effective invoice processing solution that would automate manual systems, streamline the approval process and ensure that supplier invoices were paid on time without the need to handle paper-based documents.

With a thorough understanding of the customer’s business needs and requirements, Ricoh was able to re-engineer the process. We introduced an intelligent digital solution to automate invoice approval processes and integrate directly with the company’s existing systems, providing accurate real-time financial information.

Invoicing Services saves sportswear manufacturer €3 million a year

Ricoh’s customer, a well-known sportswear manufacturer, was spending €4 million a year distributing paper-based invoices and statements.

The billing process was managed by the company’s centralised billing department and invoices were printed, inserted into envelopes, sorted by country and mailed daily. Other transactional documents, such as statements and order acknowledgements, were prepared monthly.

Recognising that existing processes were inefficient and dependent on a high degree of manual processing, the company asked Ricoh to provide a managed service that would streamline administration and reduce process costs.

The sportswear manufacturer now outsources the billing process to Ricoh. Transactional data, generated by the company’s order management system, is now processed by Ricoh and used to create electronic invoices. According to each end-customer’s preference, the invoices are then either uploaded to a web portal for online viewing, or printed and dispatched by conventional means.

The company is now working towards migrating 80% of its customers to electronic invoicing. The move saves €3 million per year, and aligns internal processes with the company’s green policy.

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