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Smart Lockers

Dynamic and secure electronic storage solutions

Our scalable locker system provides smart keyless access to storage space. The electronic storage systems can be used to secure high value business assets, inbound/outbound mail and personal belongings. The connected technology supports dynamic, real-time management of storage space and ensures governance of your inventory, end-to-end custody of mail and full visibility of ownership. 

From workspace management to verifiable package delivery and asset protection, our smart lockers will transform the way you manage your workspace. Seamlessly connected to your IT network, our smart lockers can be quickly assigned and released. The intelligent management software tracks usage and provides a detailed audit trail. And, accessible 24/7, the keyless technology ensures that lost keys and locked doors are no longer an issue.

Key features & benefits

Smart lockers are an innovative combination of flexible storage space and connected technology. They provide scalable storage solutions which support remote dynamic assignment, secure 24/7 keyless access, end-to-end custody and detailed usage reports. The technology provides secure storage solutions for busy offices, mailrooms, retail and leisure environments.

  • Scalable electronic storage solutions for the workplace
  • 24/7 keyless access to secure locker space
  • Control access high value business assets and inventory 
  • Dynamically assign, reassign and release storage space
  • Cloud-based utility supports remote real-time management
  • End-to-end reporting offers full visibility and ensures governance
Use cases

Parcel lockers are transforming e-commerce

use-cases-smart A new network of parcel lockers is transforming last-mile delivery in South Africa as e-commerce continues to grow in the country. 
Hyper-competition, globalization and technological disruptors have had the South African market on the edge of its seat for the last 10 years, and it’s unlikely to change soon. It’s no longer about who has the biggest fleet of vehicles, warehouses, or the best price – now it’s about the availability of accurate forward-thinking intelligence and the ability to successfully act on.

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