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Corporate social responsibility

As a global company, Ricoh has a stake in all the communities we operate in. The vision of our founder, Kiyoshi Ichimura – to ‘innovate on behalf of our customers and to pursue sustainable business practices on behalf of every life we touch’ - echoes throughout our business today. We view business, society and the planet as interconnected. Our Three P’s approach – the balance of Planet, People and Profit - represents our philosophy for a sustainable society and is ingrained in our corporate values and integrated into the heart of our organisation.


Our goal is to achieve the highest ethical standards of global citizenship and compliance, both internally and across our business activities and our supply chain, as defined in the “Ricoh CSR Charter” and the “Ricoh Code of Conduct”. These define the standards, ethics and behaviours Ricoh Europe and our people should adopt in our daily business practices.

To coordinate our compliance and risk management approaches, we have developed the “Total Risk Management” (TRM) Framework which identifies key risk areas and the stakeholder groups affected by each.

Over the years, Ricoh Europe has achieved each goal it has set itself in corporate compliance and certification:

  • All Ricoh's manufacturing facilities, all major operating companies within Ricoh Europe and the Supply Chain have ISO9001 certification (Quality Management System).
  • All major operating companies within Ricoh Europe have ISO 14001 accreditation (Environmental Management).
    Ricoh takes a consistent and global approach to secure information. It has maintained ISO 27001 (ISMS - Information Security Management System) accreditation since 2004, a unique recognition for a company in the document industry.
  • All Ricoh Europe companies comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOx).
  • Ricoh financial results are verified by KPMG, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of our financial reporting processes. 

Making Technology Accessible for All

Ricoh strives to create products that can be used equally by various people, including the elderly and disabled, ensuring the wellbeing of employees.

As an example of how Ricoh meets the challenge of improving accessibility for all, we have introduced the Accessibility App. This App supports people with visual impairments, allowing the same multifunction printer capability that is available to users with normal sight.

For more information visit our application page

Ricoh Business Conduct Guidelines

The Ricoh Business Conduct Guidlines is intended to establish the basic standards to ensure that each company, executives and employees of the Ricoh Group, when engaging in corporate activities to advance the Ricoh Group, shall act in accordance with social ethics and in full compliance with the law.

Download our Ricoh Business Conduct Guidelines

Community initiatives

Printed Memories” programme

At Ricoh we want to have a positive impact on the communities our employees live and work in. As part of our imagine.change. Challenge programme, we have formed a partnership with Alzheimer’s Research, the leading global research charity focused on finding a solution to Alzheimer’s disease.

Why Alzheimer’s? Shockingly there are over 9.9 million new cases of dementia each year worldwide - one new case every 3.2 seconds. Today, there are still no effective treatments and no dementia survivors. Research can change this.

Ricoh shares the mission of Alzheimer’s Research to help bring about the first life-changing dementia treatment by 2025, and is committed to bringing its people, technologies and expertise to contribute to achieving this mission. The Printed Memories programme is centred around three key pillars: raising awareness, funds and the digital postcard tool. 

Printed Memories digital postcard tool

People with dementia may become withdrawn and socially isolated, and it can be a challenge for families and carers to preserve the same connection they once had to the person. Familiar photographs from throughout a person’s life can become powerful reminders to help connect them to the life they have lived and the people they love. 

Using our own solutions and technology, we have launched a digital postcard tool which is open to everyone to use and aims to help people living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias stay connected to their families and friends.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about our CSR vision and strategies, please visit our global website.