Security Matters

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We appreciate that your business information is a primary asset. If sensitive details end up in the wrong hands, the risks to your profitability and image are unacceptable. As much information exists within paper or electronic documents, it is vital that this information is protected.

Our solutions are designed to effectively integrate with your existing security infrastructure, policies and procedures. These can be tailored to exactly match your needs. And naturally, all information is treated with the strictest confidence.

Ricoh’s Document Security Framework is a multi-layered approach to security is based on four layers which relate to Physical and network security, AAA (Authentication/Authorisation/Accounting) security and, document workflow security. Ricoh offers a range of security solutions to suit companies of all sizes that support end-to-end control of documents from generation to eventual disposal.

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Systems Configuration & Devices: Helping keep data and devices secure.
Providing a secure environment for storage of information capital and its authorised usage is a key driver in the development of our products and their operating systems.
Our latest devices come equipped with proprietary software to protect data against opportunistic or targeted threats. Even at the end of a device’s life, we offer services to protect information.

Network Protection: Helping keep intruders out.
We offer protection to ensure that information cannot be stolen, modified or falsified and then re-inserted back into your network. Our range of solutions and tools allow you to encrypt network communications, quickly disable all ports that are not used and control ‘safe’ client address lists to prevent hackers and other malicious parties from gaining access.

User Identification & Authorisation: Managing authorised access on every level.
Authentication and Administration work seamlessly together so that only the right people can access the right information. By using options such as passwords, ID cards or biometric identification, unauthorised access can be denied to those who are not permitted, keeping your information capital safe and secure.

Monitoring & Auditing: Helping you keep track and in control.
A range of tools can help manage the security of your environment. Logs of activities such as authentication attempts and setting changes are recorded to enable auditing for security-related events.

Management tools with customisable reporting can provide visibility of many actions executed on our devices. These provide a traceable record of print, copy and fax activity by
device, user, workgroup or project. This allows more effective security as well as cost management

Document Processes & Protection: keeping your sensitive information secure
Throughout their entire lifecycle documents need protection. From capture, store and manage to output, distribution and even scheduled destruction, the core principles of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility are critical to the management of your information capital.

We help keep documents safe and secure throughout every stage of the process – from secure scanning, document management and retention to secure printing, controlled accessibility and sharing of information.

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Best Practice – Our own Information Security

We have always taken a consistent and global approach to secure information – for ourselves as well as for our customers.

In 2004, we gained ISO 27001 worldwide certification for Information Security management, for our head office and manufacturing sites (which over the following years, was extended for all our individual sites). This standard covers all aspects of information security and Ricoh is unique in having information security system certified to the standard across all sites.

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